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Welcome to Static Skyrim Overhaul. This mod is intended for those who would like a more classic and immersive roleplaying experience, in terms of character progression, quest progression, and combat tactics.

Permissions and credits
Main aims:
  • Make the world almost entirely 'static' (i.e., NPCs and monsters remain at the same level throughout the game)
  • Create a more realistic and rewarding combat experience
  • Change perks to make level ups more momentous, and give NPCs access to most of the same perks as the player
  • Achieve this all with a script free, lightweight all-in-one mod that is generally quite compatible with content mods.

Details of changes

  • Most unique NPCs have a set level. Some, such as followers, will have a set minimum and maximum level, but this is rare in enemies.
  • Enemies have more pronounced weaknesses and strengths. E.g. Dwemer constructs will be incredibly strong against melee and marksman, but weak against certain elemental magic.
  • Dungeons will also have tighter level ranges.
  • Quests and other factors have been looked at in detail so as to make enemies and dungeons in the world the right level of strength for both gameplay and immersion. 

  • Many perks changed in order to make leveling up feel more momentous. Enemies will also have access to most perks, as long as they meet the level requirements.
  • Weapons, armour and magic relationships rebalanced. Having armour penetration will be essential vs. heavy armour (and high end light armour) if you do not have magic. Very high end armours will render most arrows useless.
  • Magic is very hard to maintain. This means that early level mages may feel vastly underpowered, and even into the mid and late game missing spells can leave you without magicka and vulnerable.
  • Health regeneration lowered massively. 
  • Healing and magicka potions heal much lower amounts, and do so over a period of time. No potion chugging! Consuming multiple health/magicka potions at a time will not help. Low level healing spells have been weakened to ensure. 
  • Also, all food will give you long-lasting regen in HP, magicka, or stamina (doesn't stack), so this gives food some use, especially at low levels. All food regen is the same magnitude (it says 0, but that's just because it's below 1), but better foods will last longer or affect more than one stat.

Quests and XP
  • Quest rewards will occasionally give you xp in certain skills. 
  • XP gained is lowered so it takes a little longer to level things up. Visiting trainers is meant to play a more important role in increasing character strength.

Races, Standing Stones, and Speed
  • Races edited to be a little more diverse. Stronger racial powers unlock at higher levels.
  • Standing stones edited to affect gameplay style more. Strong boons activate when character reaches a certain level (20).
  • As a fan of some of the attributes in Oblivion, I've tried to at least bring back a 'Speed' element to the game. Some races are significantly faster than others (in terms of both top speed, and acceleration), and some types of enemy have been sped up (e.g. saber cats) to make them harder to escape from or catch. Some perks will also affect this.

Future plans:
  • Rebalancing of magic needs plenty of work, though I do think it is already much better than vanilla.
  • Rebalancing XP - I would like to discourage grinding skills, and encourage instead completing quests, visiting trainers, or exploring in order to level up.

I realise it's unlikely many people will download this, but I have already put quite a lot of hours into creating this mod, so any feedback is highly appreciated! I intend to keep working on it for the foreseeable future.

  • This mod shouldn't break any content mods whatsoever. Changes to magic and weapon strength are pretty much ALL done by editing perks, so new magic and items should fit in fine without causing huge imbalances.
  • Content mods adding new quests, lands, or NPCs will work okay, but any added NPCs will not have the perks that I have given to all vanilla NPCs. This means that they will be hugely underpowered compared to all vanilla NPCs/enemies/the player. 
  • Perks - this mod changes basically all the vanilla perks, but doesn't add any new ones. It should be fine to load after any perk mods you have, but bare in mind that will overwrite any changes any perk mods make to vanilla perks.