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Tired of the immersion breaking die and reload tripe? This is for you! There are MCM customizable penalties now for dying but you do not start over again. Optimized for use with Injury Mods like Vigor and Wildcat

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When a mortal being dies under ordinary circumstances, their soul spills forth and leaks from Nirn into the dreamsleeve of Aetherius, where it
will remain until a vessel needs filled. Here it will bask in a paradise
 of infinite raw magicka, not to see Mundus again until all former
memories and experiences and traces of the previous holder have long
since been scrubbed away.

Not so for you, Dovahkiin, for within the fragile mortal vessel that keeps you bound to the earth rests the
soul of an ever-lasting Dragon.

Like the Dovah of old who are now awakening after all these years, you are an immortal child of
Akatosh and can never truly die no matter how many times you are killed.
 Your soul can seek out a vessel on its own.

Being a progeny of Akatosh whose birth was foretold of in the Elder Scrolls, you are bound
by an implicit pact with the Divines. Visit any shrine of the Nine
Divines, and they will grant you a refuge where your soul may gather
when it loses its way. Alternatively, seek out a revered Soul Keeper at any
inn and ask the priest to guard your soul. When you are struck down you
will regenerate at that inn.

Be wary, however. Your soul can reach far across Skyrim in search of a new vessel, but your old vessel and its
worldly belongings cannot. One who has journeyed far from home and
temple halls would be wise to carry an Amulet of Arkay with them, for
his domain is that of life and death, and his blessings will protect you


Plain english version of mod description:

1. With this mod active, player never truly dies.  Instead he is reborn at
 a predetermined spawn point, and suffers a stats decrease each time he
is reborn.
2. Each inn has a sould keeper priest that will guard, if asked, the Dovahkiins soul.  If player is reborn he will appear at the
most recent place where his soul is being guarded.
3. If no one is guarding the soul, the Dovahkiin will be recoconstituded just outside of Helgen.
4.  If the player is reborn with an amulet of akray in inventory it will be
 removed and all belongings stay with player. He will just need to
find another.
5. Dragon souls can be traded for being reborn, and will allow player to be reborn at same spot with intact inventory.
6. Now features a book menu for customizing a few features. Allows ingame
disabling and enabling of mod. And you can select the number of stats to
 decrease per rebirth, or disable the punishment.
5. if player has no amulet he appears naked at the preset spot, and must go back to the
location he came from to reclaim his stuff.
6. The mod now will provide a second death recovery spot if player dies
before recovering loot.  The first spot will contain players main gear
from first rebirth. The second spot will contain items found while on
the way to recover loot.  In this way no loot is ever lost. If player
dies a third time , the loot from the second rebirth is combined with
the loot from the third rebirth and the second death recovery spot is
moved to where player went down. The initial first death recovery spot
is not affected by more rebirths until it is itself recovered.
7. MAP MARKERS:  A map marker is provided for each death recovery spot.

Changes from Original Mod:

1) Every inn has a dedicated soul keeper that will keep your soul if you
are struck down.  Ask them to guard your sould and you will be
regenerated at that inn with your soul. Similar to TES Online.
2) Amulet of Arkay has been added to several exotic loot lists and also to the Riverwood Trader.  Was far too rare.
3) The heartbeat script mod uses was once a second.  Changed it to 10 seconds if not in combat, every 1.5 seconds if in combat.
4) fixed spell causing havoc when player used spell to mark restoration
spot.  In this mod the spell is used only by the soulkeepers, not given
to player.
5) -Added a penalty for being reborn, decreasing each of the stats below by one:
    Marksman (Archery)
    Speechcraft (Speech)


Changes and new features in 2019 series 2:

  • Scripts compacted to use various arrays/functions
  • Full MCM menu
  • Quest Book can now be removed via MCM
  • Scripted fix to revert player from beast/vampirelord form upon dying
  • Player will now ragdoll upon dying
  • (MCM only) Cure disease options added for various respawn states
  • Prayer spell (respawn placement) now requires an amulet for each use (player version only, npc version still free)
  • Player receives one free amulet upon first starting the mod
  • First Fallback spawn will be just outside Helgen
  • Death markers can now be tracked via misc quest objective markers (in case you die indoors)
  • (MCM only) Deathlog: Player can now teleport back to their last 10 death sites (emergency use only)


Changes and new features in 2020 series 3:
  • Optimized for use with injury mods.  Tested with Vigor Blood and Guts and Wildcat.
  • Added MCM options for potions to play a bigger role in recovery