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Jorrvaskr like you've never seen...Jousting,fighting stage,bath house,fish pond,16 new companions,fortifications,player home,quest and so much more...

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Jorrvaskr EXTREEEEEEEEMMMMEEEE (extreme) Renovation

What does this mod do?
It overhauls the companions and Jorrvaskr (inside and out), to the extreme.

List of additions:
  • All of "Jorrvaskr A Small Renovation" by Ansible2's changed are incorporated.
  • Inside of Jorrvaskr- has been completely rennovated.  That's an understatement, it's barely recognizeable.  Everything is navmeshed meaning npc's will travel to the second and sometimes even 3rd floors and sandbox around.  Adds a huge sense of immersion.  3 stories are seamlessly grafted inside the first floor where you will find a loft for council members.  The entire area is laden with nicknacks, trophies, idle markers, a new bard sings during feasting hours, the great table now  comfortably seats 19 instead of 9 for feasts that would make Yssgrmmor proud! The Second story boasts 3 extra sleeping beds which you'll need for the new cook and bard (Tarja Turunen from Nightwish) oh and there's a sweet kitchen too.
  • Downstairs-You'll find a new quarters all for you complete with a non respawning chest!  Bunks beds have ben installed to make room for the 15 new npc's added by this mod.  AND YES they use the bunk beds at the same time.  An abandoned fight pit that has been overrun by chaurus and frostbite spiders is now locked away due to an unnfortunate accident with Arnbjorn... Maybe Skjor/his room hold the answers on how to open the fight pit once again.  The coolest indoor bathing room you can possibly make using vanilla assets.  Yet another secret room hidden somewhere only council members are allowed where kodlak is allowing a young ms Lort refuge...
  • Outside- The first ever jousting pit in skyrim is here...  I made a jousting battle with actual riders walking back and forth, no combat due to limits of skyrims engine but hey it's as close as it gets!  Jorrvaskr's grounds are um extensive...  There's a fishing pond, area for 2 goats and a cow, a large garden of crops, apiaries, TONS of fortifications like the most epic fighters in skyrim should have.  There's a new ceremony platform where companions will train. 
  1. Oddvar the Odd - An "odd" Woodelf who was kicked out of the Morag Tong for as he said it "they didn't ask, but you could tell" He found in accepting home with his shield brothers and sisters.
  2. Artemis Entreri - A breton trained how to knifefight under the last known decendent of Gaiden Shinji.
  3. Bo Agrius - His mother was a nord raped by giants, she died during child birth. Kodlak took pity on the boy and trained him in the ways of honor. Finally having found the giant bastard responsible for the handmaiden's death Kodlak sent his finest warriors to bring down the monster...
  4. Donk - Unable to kill his younger brother in a battle for chieftainship, Donk fled to the only place able to tame him.
  5. Cattie Brie - Consorting with dogs to kill some leeches... Vampire's took him, who better then dogs to sniff him out again.
  6. Gwen Grey-Mane - Her sister like the boys, Gwen likes men.
  7. Princess Raja - The moon clan was all but destroyed by the Thalmor, by the grace of Kodlak the last moon clan princess was granted sanctuary.
  8. Jinabi - Sworn to protect Princess Raja, after such a long time in the safety of capable hands I'm sure she could be pursuaded to accompany you though.
  9. Khutulun - A dervish redguard female warrior, she came to whiterun seeking to find the traitor that killed her brother... Once justice is delivered she might just stay.
  10. Godras - Jorrvaskr under Kodlak's steward has earned a renown for complete sanctuary to anyone whom earns the right to be called "shield brother-sister"... Where else would a wayward blade go?
  11. Reemnesh Xerxeen - An argonian who swears he's part dragon.  He certainly looks it, and he prefers to fight using only his fists like any respectable dragon would... Scary part is... he's good at it.
  12. Uluman - The third incarnation of Umaril... Born to the former companion's harbinger , Askar and raised by Tilma and Kodlak with the rest of the companions from birth.  This incarnation of Umaril is learning to accept love from even sworn enemies of the merethic persuasion.
  • 4 new NPC'S to add some life to Jorrvaskr not recruitable.
  1. Tarja Turunen - A bard who plays for the band nightwish.
  2. Jotun - a cook
  3. Guy of Steenvoorade - Jousting participant 1
  4. Iron Herman - Jousting participant 2

Oh 1 more thing that's pretty sweet... All of the faux shields found around the main building of Jorrvaskr are now shield racks, there are pics towards the end of the gallery showing examples.  Collect the shields of your fallen enemies and hang them like trophies for all to see!
Some of the locked rooms will not be accessible until you've progressed to the rank of inner circle and have access to the underforge, there you will find a chest with a key for circle members.
One locked door will only be opened after you complete an unmarked quest to kill a vampire, look in Skjor's room.
Sometimes the horses don't load or if they do they fly or npc's don't sit 100% on the marker this is not a bug, this is Skyrim, just be glad it's not Oldrim or it would be worse.

IDEAS!!!! feed them to me!!! must have more ideas!!! and endorsements are nice...

I feel like I missed some things, I'll flesh out the description later I just want to get this uploaded while I have time.

Requires all Dlc, USSEP
is compatible with jk's , dawn of sky, Immersive Citizens, whiterun market, whiterun expansion and many others.