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This mod changes the appearance of Vilja.
Vilja is an intelligent companion made by Emma, one of the fist more complex followers I have ever had .
I am very fond of this character and it's been in my load order for a very long time. This is my last replacer for her, I have worked a lot to match her original appearance while also making her a bit more original (hopefully?) .
Needless to say, it requires the original mod .
This replacer is lightweight and will use any body meshes / textures you have installed for female characters in order to ensure compatibility with all armor/body mods you are currently using.
Two options available since version 2.0: Long braids and short braids (similar to the ones Vilja has in the original mod).

Textures featured in the screenshots are custom and they are not included.

Install with a mod manager (Recommended)
OR extract the content and put it in your data folder.
Make sure my mod is loaded AFTER Vilja  and nothing is overriding its files.

  • I have mismatched textures/meshes! Can you fix and add UNP/BHUNP/CBBE/WHATEVER???!!
  • THIS MOD DOES NOT ADD ANY CUSTOM TEXTURES OR MESHES!!!!! READ THE DESCRIPTION!!! Check your installed body meshes and textures, check your load order, verify you have installed Vilja correctly. If you are using a translation of Viljs in Skyrim, it might be OUTDATED or have problems I cannot help you with. DO MAKE SURE you have your mods in order.
  • I do not like the hairstyle.
  • Feel free to use a wig. Check out Apachi Wigs or KS Wigs.
  • My Vilja does not look like yours.
  • It depends on textures/ENB you use. Screenshots are taken with custom textures and Rudy ENB edited. I suggest using Bijin Skin or Pure Skin for a similar look.
  • I do not like the newer versions!
  • Download the old one in the Old Files .

Emma for Sofia and permission to release this mod.
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Maevan2's Eye Brows
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