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Movement speed and Turn Sensitivity fix

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This mod alters player controlled movement speed that is like more realistic and aims anti-stress flawless control.

Lately SKSE 64 (Skyrim Scrips Extender)

Skyrim's Dovakiin jogs like a athelet sprinter, dashing as fast as a robot without getting tired as if it had no gravity.
Walking and sneak walk is useless. You can have coffee time while the innkeeper guides you through the room.

Walking and running speed is similar as bruce wayne's movement of batman arkham game and more natural 
Player running and sprint are more reasonable and less skating
Sneak walking is heightened - inspired by "Thief" game
Player and Enemies can move faster while bow aiming or blocking

* Ranger and block runner perks in vanilla are already equal to global run speed
Horse and werewolf walk faster

If you wield melee weapons, do bow aim , stealth, sprint, or even ride a horse, horizontal mouse sensitivity will decrease wierdly. plus it has different values.

Synchronize horizontal bow aim sensitivity to weapon held sensitivity
Set all movement turning and attack sensitivity to global sensitivity
Horse turning sensitivity while sprinting still remained to be slightly dull for realism

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Thanks for Nexus utilities and tools

[Ini tweak for disable 3rd person camera zoom out]

fOverShoulderCombatAddY=0.0000 //camera doesn't zoom out when weapon held
fPitchZoomOutMaxDist=0.0000 //camera doesn't zoom out when character look down

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