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Torvi is loosely inspired by the Torvi shieldmaiden of the Vikings TV series. She is a beautiful female Nord follower that specializes in one-handed weapons. She is available as a non-standalone and includes a RaceMenu preset.

Permissions and credits
JWD's Torvi - A Female Nord Follower

All my mods are up to date on BNET for the time being. Click here to view my mods.
* If you download my mods from the marketplace in SSE (PC), make sure you do not set your load order in-game or SSE will crash. You will need to download them from within SSE, enable them, and then exit out of the game, then use LOOT to sort your LO. Re-open game and you should be good to go. 

* She is Loosely Inspired by Torvi the Viking Shieldmaiden of the Viking TV series. "Loose" as in the follower is not meant to look like the actress. 
* She includes an extra teleport spell in her inventory that will allow you to "swap-out" and use an alternate version of herself with a different hairstyle and warpaint. Everything is the same except for trainer-type, hairstyle, and tint mask.
* You will need to dismiss one to use the other unless you're using a mod that allows for extra followers.
* This is a non-standalone mod that allows you to use your own body meshes and textures. To get the follower to look like the pictures, use the Leyenda Skin 4.0 textures by HeroedeLeyenda.

Like all my other followers, they come with the following features: 
1) a tracking marker that can be toggled on/off in the Misc section of the Quest Journal, 
2) a summoning spell, 
3) can usually be married depending on their assigned voicetype (some mods might require RDO to be installed), 
4) can dual-wield, 
5) come with a few perks that match their combat style, 
6) are master trainers, 
7) cannot be killed -- they are "essential", and 
8) use the vanilla follower framework and not a custom one (ie. follower mods like Inigo and Recorder use a custom follower framework).

* Face Preset was created by me, JWD, using RaceMenu SLE by Expired (Nexus)
* Hair mesh and textures are from KS Hairdos SSE by Kalilies and Stealthic
* Eye textures are from The Eyes of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot/Logram
* Brow textures are from Maevan2's Eye Brows by Maevan2

Falkreath, Dead Man's Drink

Female Even Toned

Modified HumanBoss 1H

One-Handed Weapons Master (Default follower)
Blocking Master (Alternate version of follower)