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This mod adds a standalone rabbit follower in Jorrvaskr in Skyrim. I created this mod as a memorial to my fallen friend and real life rabbit companion. This mod was made for my wife, so that she could have her lost friend accompany her in her adventures in Skyrim. Just as he had in life.

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Hello,Thanks for checking out my mod. I created this mod as a memorial to my fallen friend and real life rabbit companion named Zephyr.

He was my wife's rabbit,but quickly became a good friend of mine as well. I created this mod so that my wife could use him as a companion, and that he could keep her company throughout her adventures in Skyrim. Just as he had been our companion through our adventures in real life.

Zephyr can be found close to the basement stairs in Jorrvaskr in Whiterun. He can be recruited as a follower and "should" return there if dismissed.

He has no attacks and is quite useless in combat. His only job is to keep you company :)There is also a spectre version of Zephyr permanently located in the Halls of Valor in Sovngarde. This version cannot be recruited as a follower, and is simply a homage to the idea that Zephyr's soul lives amoung the other great warriors of Skyrim.

~To anyone who wants to be negative or critical of this mod. Please try to remember, I didn't create this for you. I created this for my wife~

Feel free to do whatever you want with this mod. But please seek permission from BluePianoTwo and KANRAx2. As thier assets are used in this mod.


I want to give special thanks to BluePianoTwo! This mod is based on Blue's rabbit follower mod Teyahven. With Blue's permission, I was able to look back on how Teyahven was madeand created Zephyr the same way. Not only did this make it very easy to make Zephyr. But it taught me a ton about how the creation kit works, and help me get my feet wet in mod creations. So BluePianoTwo, thank you!

I also want to give a big shout out to KANRAx2 . KANRAx2's Yurufuwa Rabbit Textures mod were used (with permission) to create Zephyr. These textures are absoultely awesome and helped give my bunny the same look in Skyrim as he had in life. So KANRAx2, thank you!


Teyahven - Standalone Rabbit Follower -

yurufuwa rabbit -


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For those having issues recruiting him. I have not had any issues recruiting and I am not sure what the issue is.
The workaround to this is as others have pointed out. You can use Extensible Follower Framework to force recruit him :)

Sorry about that everyone.
Thank you to all that have reported this workaround.


Extensible Follower Framework (EFF)