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No one should fall into the water during the battle on the boats, this adds a few collision markers to hopefully prevent that. Ramodo -- if still alive, of course -- stops following when the quest is completed, no need to get violent. ESP-FE

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Problem: Geldis and/or enemies could easily fall into the water during the battle on the boats and make the quest advancement a pain in the derrière.
Solution: This adds invisible walls around the boats, you'll be able to board or get off the big ones only from the small ones or the gangplanks.

Problem: Ramodo keeps following after the naval battle. If Neloth doesn't kill him, there's no way to stop him but gratuitous violence.
Solution: Ramodo will stop following when the quest completes. He'll stay at the inn, hanging about.

Also fixes a few papyrus errors.
They're harmless but at least won't clutter your log, in case you have one.
Thanks to DarthVitrial for detecting and reporting them.

Cherry on top: I've forwarded some USSEP fixes that were reverted by Teldryn Serious.
Thanks to hadaev for the heads-up.

And, of course, many thanks to Undriel for the tragic backstory.
"When sorrows come, they come not single spies. But in battalions!"