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Photoscanned textures that represent Skyrim's rocky, dark coast. Lore-friendly 4k and 2k textures available.

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Nordic Coast is a photo-realistic texture replacer for the coast of Skyrim. With highly realistic textures that are very close to the vanilla color scheme. A lot of texture replacers I have found (myself included) usually make the coast a yellow or white sandy smooth beach. The vanilla coast sand is actually very dark, basically black and fairly rocky. These textures are from real photoscans.

This is my attempt at realism for Skyrim's coast. I hope you enjoy it.

These textures are all new and cannot be found in my All in One Pack.


This mod only includes textures for the coast. So this is compatible with literally any mod. If you're using a texture overhaul and you still want to use these textures with it, just make sure Nordic Coast takes priority. 
Texture swapping is totally safe and will not hurt your save game.
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