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Another of my characters as a follower, a Breton Mage.

Permissions and credits
Serenity Ashcroft. A Breton mage.

Update: Changed the opacity of the Lip Liner makeup to make it less sharp.

Location: The Frozen Hearth - Winterhold.

- Voice Type- FemaleYoungEager.
- Will level up with you. 
- Uses the Player Character Body and Skin Textures.
- Has a set of Mage robes.
- Has an Ebony dagger.
- Carries some Healing Potions and Cure Poison Potions.
- She can be Married.

Class: CombatMageConjurer

Knows the following spells:
- Chain Lightening
- Conjure Flame Atronach
- Conjure Frost Atronach
- Conjure Storm Atronach
- Fireball
- Firebolt
- Firestorm
- Grand Healing
- Heal Other
- Ice Spike
- Ice Storm
- Thunderbolt

Lighting used in image gallery:
- Mythical Ages Weather and Lighting.
- Mythical Enb. 

Skin Used in Screenshots: Leyenda UNP.

Outfit: Witcher 3 Yennefer SMP:

Remember: She may look different than pictured if not using an ENB at all, or if using a different ENB Preset. Skin choice will also affect the appearance.

Eyes of Aber

KS Hairdos and MultiColor KS Hairdos