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A powerful zEdit module for adding items to leveled lists and containers by hand, the old fashioned way. Now with less tedium, streamlined UI, intuitive design, and advanced features!

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Editing leveled lists is tedious business. Automated tools and patchers exist, but they aren't right for every situation. If you want complete control and oversight of the process, you're going to have to roll up your sleeves and get to work. So, a while back, I made a little zEdit script to help with that, and uploaded here on the Nexus. When a user named Supertron commented, "This is a huge step closer to adding mod weapons and armor to leveled lists easily as possible!!!" I thought, "Yeah, this person gets it." A huge step closer, but not there quite yet...

Easy as possible. That's the goal.

+SimpleAddItems 2.0
Leveled List editing made so easy, you might have fun doing it?

Main Stuff:
  • Seamless zEdit Integration - From tree view selection to SimpleAddItems in one click or keystroke via context menu or hotkey.
  • Intuitive UI - Built for streamlined workflows and designed to save you time, every step of the way.
  • Precise Visualization - Preview changes at a glance, for accuracy you can trust.
  • Realtime Error-Checking - Let SimpleAddItems worry about list overflow and file dependencies so you don't have to!
  • Theme Support - But if you're not using Night Mode what are you doing?

Advanced Stuff:
  • LVLI Item / List swapping makes adding lists to lists a breeze!
  • Level and Count adjustment, on the fly!
  • Item Quantity and Duping options for complex Leveled Lists.
  • Destination File options for copying lists between files (supports new file creation!)
  • AddMoreItems mode, to quickly import items and lists without hunting for them in Tree View
  • Edit lists on the fly⁠—change flags, remove items⁠, adjust level and count—all without switching to Record View (or revert changes with the press of a button!)

You really only need to know 3 things to use this tool:
1. An Item is essentially just any thing that can be put into a container. Any record with one of the following signatures can be an item:
Some examples of items: Iron Boots, an Orcish Dagger, a wedge of Goat Cheese, a Deathbell, a Torch, a Soul Gem, Alva's Journal, a single Gold Septim...
2. A List is any Container or Leveled List. Any record with one of the following signatures can be a list:
3. A LVLI, or Leveled Item, or Leveled List can be... (as you might have already guessed) an Item or a List.

The rest should be intuitive, but in case you need it, here's a broad overview of the tool's features and how to use them:

Launch SimpleAddItems:

Select some Items and/or Lists in Tree View (Ctrl and Shift click are your friends!), then right click to open the context menu -> select +SimpleAddItems. You can also use the hotkey Shift+Alt+i.

The SimpleAddItems Window:

NOTE ABOUT FILES: You may select a specific destination file, or you can choose Respective to edit lists in place within their respective files, or you can choose Create New to add lists (as overwrites) to a new file and make edits there.

Selection Functions:


List Edit Mode:

Just extract the files to zEdit\modules\SimpleAddItems and you're ready to go.

A huge thanks to Mator for making zEdit such an incredible application and so much fun to write modules for, and for going far above and beyond the duties of any developer to answer my many stupid questions. I am not a professional coder, but I love javascript and I have learned so much from Mator. My entire perspective on coding has changed, and I intend to carry the lessons he taught me forward into future projects, whatever they may be.

Thanks also to VictorF and the rest of the Modding Tools Discord for being so kind and answering my questions and making me feel welcome even though I'm such a gosh darned noob.