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Adds an alternate super fast wait menu, where you can type the weeks, days, and hours to wait. Wait's days at a time. Configurable with SkyUI's MCM.

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This mod adds an alternate super fast wait menu, where you type the weeks, days and hours you want to wait. For weeks an days, only whole number are accepted. For hours you can use decimals. ie 1.5 hours equals 1 and a half hours. If you don't want to wait any weeks/days/hours just press enter to continue to the next input box. You can also turn off or on boxes in the MCM. You can also cancel the wait anytime by pressing the hotkey again. The wait menu is completely separate from the vanilla wait menu. 

As of version 1.2 I also added a Set Date hotkey, which allows you to set the date to any year, month and day. Doing this will also possibly advance time by 1-6 days, to set the correct weekday as far as the game is concerned. Setting the date will be faster than waiting anytime over 1 week.

Setting the hours interval determines how many hours skip when waiting, to show passage of time. If waiting multiple days, you can specify how many of those days use the hours interval. For example: Set the hours interval to 6, and the days to 3, and wait for 7 days. The first 4 days will pass a day at a time, and the last 3 days will pass in intervals of 6 hours, 4 per day, showing the passage of time. Set the days to 0 to have all days pass 1 at a time, which is fastest. As a test, I set it to 0 and waited a whole year, 365 days, and it took a little over a minute real time to complete.

Waiting 3 days or more with this mod does reset cells and merchant inventories, which is convenient when trying to bugfix or troubleshoot other mods.

See the video below to get a better idea:

The pause needs option is available for Vitality Mode, iNeed and Realistic Needs and Diseases 2.0. Any mod that changes the form ID's of those mods may conflict with the pause needs option, as this mod uses the GetFormFromFile function. This also means that if you changed any of those mods to ESL, the pause needs option won't work, as changing to ESL changes form ID's.

SkyUiLib :This is a link to Skyrim LE, it does work on SSE and is required.

Extract to your data folder
Check in your load order
Choose and Activate the HotKey in the MCM

If updating:
De-activate hotkeys in MCM
Install update
Re-activate hotkeys in MCM.

De-Activate HotKey in MCM
Uncheck in your load order.