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Adds headcoverings to all* female NPCs in Skyrim.


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This modification adds (or will add) headcoverings to all female NPCs in Skyrim.  Maybe you're a more traditional follower of one of the religions that require headcovering.  Or maybe you want to roleplay that Skyrim is quite cold (something Bethesda developers forgot in some instances) so people have a lot of reason to cover up.  No matter which, this modification may be for you.

This mod is a WORK IN PROGRESS and far from complete!
Currently includes Altmer, Bosmer, Orsimer, and Redguard women.
*While creation kit is working fine, I broke my actual game and am unable to get screenshots to upload for awhile; my apologies.

Lovely comments thread removed by salty mods, I guess.  I enjoyed your support.


- Noblewomen will wear a variety of hats and hoods.

- Many Redguard women will wear Redguard turbans.

- Warrior women such as Uthgerd the Unbroken will always have helmets or hoods.

- Dunmer women may wear hoods or the hooded Dunmer outfits from the Dragonborn DLC.

- Faction women (Winterhold college, Thieves' Guild, etc) will wear appropriate headgear.

Argonian and Khajiit females may be left untouched by this mod; I have not decided.