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Pair of mesh Hands .Best suited for better males ;-). skyrim needs more things for men.I know so many play female characters. I still feel that the men need love too.

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A pair of Mesh hands for males. I ported them over from Oldrim.I never uploaded there as an individual  mod . I used them on my male follower.  Because Oldrim didn't seem to need too much for men . Things are much different for SE. the men of skyrim need love too.

Tempered skin is my skin of choice. I highly recommend using them.I used the hands in the screen shot with them . They work seemlessly.

I used Better Males Remesh  as well.

they were optimized  for SSE/ skin data settings changed for SE

Please don't run through NIfoptimizer .Doing so may make your game unstable. , Or may deform the hands in general.

the hands  I feel will depend on the skin creators on how detailed they would be .

Thanks to
Nifscope for  your amazing tool

traa108 for  skin textures. they also gave me some feed back . ^..^

ratrace for  male body

to install
just unzip and place the data folder into your skyrim Special edition Game instal folder where the data folder is .. or use mod manager like vortex.

Better Males Remesh SE can be found here

Tempered skins for males can be found here