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This is an xEdit script that will help you renaming items, weapons, magic, etc.
I included a tutorial on how to use my script. You can even use this tutorial if this is your first renaming mod ever!

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I was using the astoundingly great (and severely underrated) IFS - Immersion-Friendly Sorting, when I found I had many items that stuck like an thumbsore. I wanted to rename them but altering hundreds of records is a pain in the rear, so I searched for xEdit scripts that could help me do it and I found this: Delphi Scripts for FO4Edit

I didn't really like it. To me, it seems it was done with a general purpose in mind, not just renaming things, so I decided to create my own batch renamer from scratch.
This script is the result.

Even though I didn't like that script I talked about, I called things the same as that script author so it would help ease the use of my script to people who is already acquainted with that script. 

  • This script only changes the FULL part of a record (the name you see in-game) and doesn't give you the chance to modify anything else. That was a deliberate decision.
  • Case sensitive search and replace. This reduces unexpected results and encourages uniform naming conventions.
  • User friendly interface. I avoided programming jargon as the plague, because I'm human too.
  • Detailed output logs. So you actually know what and how it was changed.
  • Testing mode (enabled by default). Ever batch renamed hundreds of records just to realize you screwed up? (boy, I know I've done it many times) Not anymore. This script doesn't make changes by default, just log them, so you can see if you would get what you actually want. Once you are sure those were the changes you wanted, run the script again but this time untick "Don't apply changes".
  • Hotkeys. Most commonly used options are hotkeyed.
  • Tooltips. Friendly tooltips to remind you what buttons do.
  • PDF documentation. So you can see details on how things work. Everything is in there, including a sample tutorial.
  • I made this tutorial for complete newbies and experienced people alike, so if you ever wanted to rename things but didn't know how to start, this could very well be the right place.

I'm glad to help however I can, but before asking what some button does, please read the included PDF documentation.

English is not my mother language. If you find some weird grammar, let me know and I'll gladly change it.

I named this version 1.0 BETA because I'm not 100% sure this works as intended. Just 99%, because I've been using it to rename MANY things and results are consistent. Releasing it on to the wild will help make this script better.
I suggest you to always run it in test mode first to see if the script is doing what it should. If it doesn't, don't hesitate to ask me.

I'm open to suggestions and willing to implement them as long as they don't conflict with this script's philosophy and can be done with a reasonable amount of work and if my script doesn't do that already if you use it cleverly.

... speaking of philosophy...

This script was done with only one purpose in mind: to change names you see in-game.
As you can see, most functions are there to help modders doing custom sorting mods.

I'm quite sure I won't tangle with signatures like KWDA and such... this only changes the FULL signature.