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A redundancy patch for Tomebound and Apocalypse. Fueled by OCD.

Permissions and credits

This is a patch for The Elder Scrolls - Tomebound - Lore Spell Additions and Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim that removes spells that are too similar, or simply rendered redundant. ESP flagged ESL, so won't contribute toward the 256 plugin limit. Requires both of the original mods.

This is a simple ESPFE plugin, which removes the necessary spells from each leveled list. Which spells stayed was based on my preference. Typically I favored keeping Tomebound's spells, with a few. As an added bonus you can still add removed spells+tomes to yourself through console, if you wanna be a special snow flake with uniquely named spells.

I've also included a standalone USSEP patch for Tomebound's magic effects, should anyone like to use it. Works with or without my main file.

Full list of removed leveled list entries in spoiler below.

Install & Update

Install through the mod manager of your choice. Then load the plugin beneath both Tomebound and Apocalypse in your load order.
Preferably you should start a new game. Alternatively, you'll need to wait 10+ days for leveled lists to reset with existing saves.

To update, uninstall the old version prior. Then install the newer file.
(Note: Updating is perfectly fine. No new games or waiting required.)


Deactivate the plugin and delete the listing in your mod manager. Then either start a new game, or wait 10+ days on your existing ones.