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Changes the way you brew potions, for a tidier, less gameplay exploitive experience. Also craftable Philters of the Phantom. Spooky!

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This mod changes the fundamentals of how alchemy works in the game. Instead of finding two ingredients with the same effect, you now follow static recipes, just like in smithing, to create the same potions available in stores.

This mod adds 253 recipes to allow you to create almost every single potion in the game, as well as adding 18 brand new potions. The more alchemy perks you have, the stronger and more varied potions you can create.

The recipes available in the vanilla game are now a lot more useful, as they will allow you to brew a specific potion without having the corresponding perk to do so. Just keep it handy in the inventory!

I created this mod because, while I liked alchemy in Morrowind and Oblivion, I never got along with it in Skyrim. The potions you brew all look boring with the same bottles and incredibly generic names. I also like to keep a neat and tidy inventory, because I'm slightly weird about that.

I imagine that someone who never got into alchemy might like this mod, as the process is a bit simpler. And, to players familiar with it, this mod might actually be more balanced than vanilla, as stronger potions require rarer and more ingredients. You are also able to craft potions not available normally, such as potions of fortify speech, water-walking, the dawnguard Blood potions along with a few others I can't remember.

So, for instance, in this mod, a Potion of the Warrior, requires an empty vial (craftable at the smeltery), one portion of hanging moss and canis root.
The strongest variant of this potion, Elixir of the Warrior, requires an empty vial, one portion of hawk feathers, two portions of hanging moss and two rock warbler eggs.

You can make potion vials at the smelter with glass should you find it. And you may also buy vials from any apothecary vendor as well as the Travelling Caravans. 


For modders like me who like to know exactly what a plugin edits, here's the list.

Adds - 253 new crafting recipes and 18 new potions. 1 new misc item.

Adds - A pestle and mortar to create potions out in the field. 

Edits - The two alchemy benches (with and without the table), the existing 18 potion recipes you buy from vendors, the description on the following perks; Alchemy 1-5, Benefactor, Poisoner, Physician, Experimenter 1-3 and Purity.

This mod does not add any scripts, so it should be safe to unplug mid-save.

This mod does not edit any of the existing potions or ingredients.

All the circlets of Alchemy now have a new enchantment improving alchemy skill (not potion effectiveness). 


Tasting ingredients is not needed anymore, and the listed effects on it are more guidelines to what type of potion they might end up in. I could have had basically blank effects on them, but that would require editing all ingredient items, which might cause some incompatibility.

--Compatibility Patches
See the sticky in the comments. Thanks. 

All props to TheGoldFinch for Creating this mod.