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Yer a wizerd, Harry.

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See the tags. This is a joke. I closed posts on purpose.
This patch works, but is very OP. Vokrii has it's own scaling built in.
This is about as fair and balanced as random crits in TF2.


Makes the mods "Skywyze's Super Clean Spell Scaling" and "Vokrii - Minimalistic Perks of Skyrim" play nice together. This way you'll get Vokrii's changes to Destruction Mastery and Vokrii's own scaling, while not missing out on Skywyze's spell magnitude scaling. Super simple forwarding of Skywyze's skill check and magnitude boost effects. Perk descriptions were tweaked to clarify the change, as well.

Main file is up to 112.5% stronger than Vokrii alone, spread over 5 mastery ranks. This is NOT balanced as this stacks with Vokrii's native scaling.
(The old file was a whopping 1500% stronger than Vokrii)

Requires both mods, and ESPFE (ESP flagged ESL) to not count against your plugin limit.


Requires you to have not taken any magic perks yet.
Install the patch's plugin in your preferred mod manager.
Load the patch beneath both the other mods' plugins.


Make your magic skills all Legendary to refund any perk points.
Deactivate the mod and delete it's entry in your mod manager.