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After almost a year long hiatus I bring Farmhouse textures! Weather worn textures with 4k-2k options. Lovingly crafted with realism in mind

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MD's Farmhouses

This mod overhauls the old vanilla farmhouse textures with new ones. I have spent a long time on these (too long, honestly like half a year lol).
You really shouldn't have much of a performance impact with 4k unless you really are using a potato as a pc (sorry). I included 2k anyways because it's no fun being left out. If someone realllllllly needs a 1k I'll do it. :)

I think these textures are rather lore-friendly, but obviously the most lore-friendly experience is the vanilla game. I tried hard to stick to the vanilla texture colors. Weather worn and washed out from the cold skyrim rain.

I haven't released a mod in.... over a year. So, this is sort of like a hello back to the community.

I didn't bother with the windows or plants because let's be real, Rustic Windows is a thing and there are multiple mushroom, fern, etc texture/mesh replacers out there!

I also did the farmhouselod01 texture which is so incredibly tiny btw *512×256*. I increased the size x1 so as to not effect performance, but give the lod a small boost in attractiveness. Which we all know is measured in pixels.

Oh, and I wanted to add, the ivy in the screenshots is from Renthal. It's honestly my favorite ivy mod. You can pick it up on LE. I think it's called, Renthal pack or something like that. If you google it you will find it. It's just a texture so it works with SE.

Please feel free to submit your screenshots! 
p.s, Please remember to endorse! 
Thank you

So apparently parallax has been implemented??? I'm going to have to add parallax support soon.