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(4k x 8k Textures and same normal map and LOD)
(brain install...:) ..its a texture:D

(feel free to edit by your own no DDS protection)
(and if u see issures plz gimme a post with screenshoot
so i try fix it (with or without enb doesnt matter i can make my effects off to fix it . )
res.1920x1080 .

Permissions and credits
a 4k x 8k texture for Parthurnax + normal map too and green eye
(optional 8k (8kx16k text)..)

and adluin up to 4k (4k x 4k) more  red eye (updated to alduin 8k)

non enb alduin  8k (8k x8k) same texture

and all other dragons 4k too (4k x 8k)

non enb dragons 4k too (4k x 8k)

-INFO- with dobbleklick on the screenshoots u can look closer...(never happend in game (wound be like 4x zoom lol and 2x on the 1920x1080 screens:D)...but so u can look better what u get..:D)


29.01 found 3 more dragons in DLc01 ...comming sooon (sry see em not as i try find all..but now i do )......but sry first  i will do the non enb user fix (more importand sry)
30.01 cant find the issure without enb ..only a bit too colored (but ther i bring later a update with less color..)
31.01 now all dragon online:)

01.02 Update:  enb user update and 8k x 8k alduin and the undead dragon now with 4kx4k normal map
02.02 Update  :parthunax 8k  (8k x 16k text and 8k x 16k normal map) (in optional files)
02.02 NEWS:  had a request about non ENb single downoloads.....atm i have no time sry but they are commming soon (last days of the week)
02.02 NEWS:  cause i see the fps loss about the difference about a 8k alduin and a 4k is minimal....i think about to lift em all up to 8k...(4k will  be still downloadable),,can someone tell me if its rigth with minimal loss of fps between 8k and 4k?
07.02 NEWS: non enb userfiles work started (by the way if somewhere a VR user is there plz give feedback cause i say VR possible cause its only a texture .
but how is it? about the colors, sharpness ect? changes needed?)
08.02 Update: mod 1.1a non enb 4k userfiles ready(undeaddragon work with without but i will overworke him too but later if i have more time:)
and some 8k versions added
13.02 NEWS plan to make rest 8k too...but atm to bussy in reallive...(sick and lot to live is:) sry.takes time...but is planned to next update
15.02 NEWS Time plan for rest 8k 3-4 weeks...

known issures !

without ENB users:

- a friend told me that some wings are without ENB are blurry...(only file i dont change a lot cause texture too smal to do something who make em better but in the next update i will bing in other wings (lager,,,but for that i must maybe make em by myself..(painting;D) takes bit sry for the non enb users atm..but i will try hurry up so u have issure free dragons too)

-but on my side non enb dragons looks only bit too painted (i make 1 sreen without effects of enb ->last screen)....but blurry wings?...
so if someone have a feedback would be nice

with ENB issures:

- atm none


smal bonus:)

for pplz who like to have better water relections

bUseWaterReflectionsLights=1  #(works half partikelligths atm dont work)
bUseWaterReflectionsPlayer=1  #(a try but atm no effect, or i was on wrong location )
bUseWaterReflectionsItem=1    #(a try but atm see no effect)
bUseWaterReflectionsClouds=1 #(new: and works:D )

(with mods u see diffend reflections cause games reflecs not the mod ..example trees and clouds)

AND BY THE WAY for guys who dont like Dof (exreme view distance but maybe script errors cause grits to load ..maybe grits 11 (ulra settings) better...try it  out
possible are 15 i woulnd go cause script errors later crashes...i try it up to 21 (only to know what works or what crash) and runns but not for long:) my limit is 21 i can test (4x3.5 gb/8gb vra,/32 gb ram)..but all over 15 starts making errors....and 15 make too with some mods.."example farfar away (sometimes u see only a point in the horizon).. actors (wolfes ect)...start linke a ( exreme slow) rocked into the air:) so they fly higher and higher to the stars:)"


sLanguage= (ur language)


uGridsToLoad=13 (ultra 11)
uExterior Cell Buffer=144 (norm. 36)
uInterior Cell Buffer=36   (command not available in the normal ini anymore--command from oldrim)
iMaxAllocatedMemoryBytes=34359720775 (32 gb in bytes..^^)