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The Advanced Atronach is an exploit that was used in many awesome character builds, giving the player 100% spell absorption and +100 magicka at the cost of completely stunted magicka regeneration. Unfortunately the exploit was patched out with USSEP. This mod is my answer to this problem, and does so in what I hope is a fair and immersive way.

Permissions and credits
The Advanced Atronach is an oft used exploit in vanilla Skyrim, in which the player uses the Fortify Restoration exploit to boost the Atronach Stone, such that the player absorbs all hostile magic at the cost of being unable to regenerate their own magicka. However the unofficial patch project removes the possibility of using this exploit, and I like that mod. So what this mod does is add the Advanced Atronach as a second unlock-able effect on the Atronach stone that can only be activated if the player has certain items in their inventory, and they have an alchemy level of 80 or above.

Required Items
  • Crimsom Nirn Root*
  • Nightshade*
  • Void Salts*
  • White Phial (Empty)

*will be removed from the player inventory upon selecting The Advanced Atronach Stone.

To obtain the White Phial you will need to complete two quests; "The White Phial" and "Repairing the Phial". The first quest can be received from Nurelion, the owner of the apothecary "The White Phial", in Windhelm.

The rest of the requirements can be purchased from any apothecary.

I've added these requirements so as to make this power feel more like a reward rather than an exploit. You're a alchemist looking for the secret to ultimate power, not a cheat.

Note: Only use one of the main files, not both.

Advanced Atronach Stone Plus
Reverts a few more of USSEP's changes, namely the ability to absorb diseases and the effect weakness to frost has on the blizzard spell, that will unlock the full potential of the Obsidian Sentinel build found here, and is the reason I decided to create this mod at all.

Disparity - Character Class Overhaul also changes the powerShrineScript, as well as the Standing Stones, and as such Disparity's new standing stone effects will not work, but the rest of the mod should still function just fine.

If you've found any issues, or have any ideas for improving the mod, let me know. Just don't expect me to get it done quick, cause I have no idea what I'm doing.