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Do away with a chicken and live to tell the tale, and you'll be favored by the Gods. A funny concept inspired by viking tradition.

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YOU! You are the Dragonborn (or maybe you’re not), and you’ve come here because you want to do more for Mundus than just pray to shrines and wear amulets (or maybe you don’t). Mages are running the Empire, so what are you waiting for? In my mod, the Gods have heard your calls, but they’re waiting for you to make a sacrifice (no, I’m not talking about Faendal). I’m talking about good, old-fashioned animal sacrifice. After installing, if you manage to kill a chicken, you will be smiled upon and granted a worthy, but temporary bonus. You’ll have to risk a town pet or go hunting in the wild. This also works on Goats. 


Combat Skills increase 10% faster.

Regenerate H/M/S 10% faster.
Carry Weight +60.
Speech +10.

This effect will last 12 in game hours.

Mod is subject to changes::
Let me know if there are any tweaks or suggestions you may have, 
this mod was mostly inspired by viking traditions but more of a light hearted tone for Skyrim.

Question from the modder::
Add more chickens around neutral areas? Y/N
Add more bonuses for other animals? Y/N
12 in game hours too long? Y/N