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Mesh and Texture Replacer for all of the standard bridges in Skyrim

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Watch the video that is what I made it for

What this mod does:

Replaces all of the standard stone bridges in Skyrim with a custom model and textures. It has no ESP as it is just meshes and textures. ALL of the bridges have fully working custom collision.

What this mod does not do:

This mod does not replace the Dwemer Bridges.
This mod does not fix your game if you decide to not follow the instructions on this page


Use a mod manager

Load Order:

Place this mod AFTER Static Mesh Improvement Mod (SMIM) and allow it to overwrite it. Do NOT allow anything to overwrite this mod or its a rather good possibility your bridges will remain bland Skyrim bridges.


Yes I KNOW about the small bridge in Whiterun at the one end the Statues are buried in the ground. Y'all ain't never heard of erosion before?


Brumbek - For the base models for the Bridge and textures. Even tho he does not require credit for the use of his assets I feel he deserves it. Thank you Brumbek.
Jack Daniels - Whiskey.

Special Note:

Due to a recent influx of haters trying to kill my mods all comments are turned off. I will NOT tolerate self entitled little CHADS mistreating me.