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a reshade preset that makes skyrim more realistic looking and more gloomy, (probably best for stealth playthroughs). this preset was made with lots of graphics mods in mind, and im not sure how it looks on vanilla skyrim.

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first you need reshade, download here , i suggest watching a tutorial on how to set up reshade with skyrim (its quite simple you just need to click the exe, locate skyrims EXE withing the program, then select the correct graphics API)

you can tell reshade is working by the text box that pops up when you load up skyrim, and you should be able to press HOME key and the menu will come up,
install my preset, put the file in the skyrim special edition folder (skyrim folder if your not using SE) this folder will be in the steam apps folder not documents thats a differant folder. load up skyrim and press the HOME key, look for the reshade presets box and look for my preset (should have the same name as the file), then select it and you should be good to go!

i suggest you make some edits to the reshade preset to your liking, but i dont suggest you make too many changes to MXAO setting as it can be messed up and it takes a while to get right.

WARNING, there are some problems with this preset that i will try my best to sort out:

the AO shaders can sometimes flicker and make the sky flicker (i dont know how to fix this without disabling MXAO in the reshade menu (also making the preset look worse in my opinion),

text in menus and on dialog can be slightly hard to see and look quite bold, if you dont like this i suggest you either make the cartoon shader less powerful or   turn  it off completley, in fact that shader isnt assentual i just like it.

 if you encounter any problems, or know how to fix any problems please tell me :).