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Enhanced Enemy AI is a script-free and lightweight improvement to combat style of all enemies. They are now smarter, making fights more challenging. It is highly compatible with other combat mods.

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Enhanced Enemy AI is a lightweight script-free but effective enhancement to Skyrim combat, made by Erkeil.
If you are looking for a combat mod improving the Skyrim combat system without modifying other game settings, this mod might fits you! But its simplicity also makes it compatible with most popular combat mods.

All enemies from the base game + DLC (except dragons) have improved combat style, giving them the intelligence they were lacking.
Warriors bash, parry and power attack more often. If you're too defensive, they'll be more agressive and if you're too agressive, they won't hesitate to push you back.
Mages use more spells, especially defensive spells.
Animals adopt a more realistic behaviour, being more or less agressive depending of their species.

The best way to figure if you may like the changes of this mod is to try it! Install it, rush into the closest bandits camp, instantly notice the difference!

I only recently began to play Skyrim SE and what was my suprise to notice that this gem hadn't still be ported.
It's my small contribution to the modding community! I hope you'll appreciate it!

Install / Uninstall

This mod is a simple ESP. You can install it and uninstall it at any time during your adventure.
Place EEAI directly in your data folder, or use your favorite mod manager.
If you decide to uninstall it, enemies will simply revert to the vanilla combat style of Skyrim (which isn't that great, let's admit it).


As this mod only edits combat style, it's compatible with 99% of all the Skyrim mods, and most combat mods.
The only conflicting mods are the ones I'm gonna list below. Conflicting doesn't mean incompatible! You will still be able to use your combat mods features while using Enhanced Enemy AI to improve combat style.
Be sure to place this mod after/below your other combat mods in your load order!

Compatible mods (load order doesn't matter):
- all dragon mods
- all animations mods (SkySA, MCO, SCAR)
- Valhalla Combat
- Combat Gameplay Overhaul
- Deadly Combat
- Mortal Enemies
- Sekiro Combat SSE: as this mod requires Ultimate Combat to work, read my comment below.
- SkyTEST : animals will use SkyTEST AI improvements while all other enemies will use this mod AI improvements.
- Ultimate Combat: you'll will have to disable the enemies AI in the MCM menu (it will also disable the dodge/roll added by Ultimate Combat to human NPC).
- Vigor

Conflicting mods (load EEAI after these mods):
- Blade and Blunt: only modifies humanoids AI
- Inpa Sekiro Combat
- Advanced Adversary Encounters - Ultimate
- Animal Tweaks: only modifies animals AI
- Combat Evolved
- Intense Combat Experience
- Skyrim Revamped - Complete Enemy Overhaul
- Smilodon
- Wildcat
- Valravn

Incompatible mods:
- Revenge Of the Enemies 2016: adds its own combat style to most enemies.

If one of your mod isn't listed, don't hesitate to ask in the comments!


- Bethesda, for their unfinished games, without them, the modding community wouldn't exist.
- Erkeil, the original creator of this simple but effective mod.

From the Erkeil Mods website (which has been deleted since then) :
Dear players,
sorry, but we aren’t working anymore on Skyrim mods. Definitively, you won’t find any update.
We give you (modders and players) the permission to use all our mods in your way.
Best luck!
Erkeil’s Team