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The #1 moon texture mod for Legendary Edition comes to Special Edition -- now with GLOW!

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The #1 moon texture mod for Legendary Edition comes to Special Edition -- now with GLOW!

This was the first mod I ever created and released, so it's a bit surreal to be updating it over 5 years later.  Glowing versions have been requested for quite some time, and slowly but surely, I've finally completed that add-on.

The original offered 4K resolution, which was absolutely unnecessary, and in fact caused artifact problems as the moons do not use mip-maps.  As such, these are offered at standard 2K resolution, which is 4x vanilla and MORE than enough resolution.


2K resolution, loose files, install-and-go.

Note that for the GLOW version, the surface area of the moon texture had to be reduced in order to make room for the glow effect around the edges.  As such, a plugin comes with that version to scale them back up to their original size.  This plugin is an ESP flagged as an ESL so it does not take up a load order slot, and simply adjusts two game settings, iMasserSize, and iSecundaSize.

I personally do NOT use this plugin, as I really enjoy the moons being a bit smaller!  I suggest disabling the plugin after installation to see how you like the moons being a little smaller.

If the moons seem too bright with the ENB you're using, try going to the [Sky] settings and mess with MoonIntensityNight.  Some ENBs crank this up to emulate glow on the vanilla textures so it might need toning down.


For those curious, the moons in Skyrim are not 3D objects with a wrapped texture and lighting, but flat static images, so each of the phases for each moon were created separately (14 in all -- which is why I don't think there are many moon retextures!) You may also recognize parts of Mars and Enceladus, which the original textures utilized as well. Thanks to NASA for their insanely high resolution photography as a terrain source!

I highly suggest reading the wonderful lore about these moons!