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Adds ancient nordic runestones to Skyrim's landscape

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I made this mod for myself, but decided to share. Ztree and elinen did most of the work by providing their excellent Hoddminir Runestones modder resource, I just optimized their assets for SSE and placed them throughout Skyrim.


This mod adds 30 runestones scattered around Skyrim (a couple are on Solstheim). They don't do anything, other than look nice and give you a map marker (update: no map markers option kindly provided by fadingsignal). I did not make any landscape geometry or nav mesh changes, so hopefully they will not conflict with too many other mods. They do not conflict with the hundreds of mods I am personally running, including Enhanced Landscapes, a mix of JKs and Dawn of Skyrim, most of Arthmoor's town patches, Enhanced Vanilla Trees, Unique Flowers and Plants, Immersive Fallen Trees, Interesting NPCs, Hammet's Dungeon Pack, SWIFT, Nordic Ruins, and many more. I will not be making patches, but encourage you to do so - just credit myself, elinen, and ztree.

This mod is very simple, it contains no scripts and is literally just statics and map markers. It should technically be safe to add or remove mid playthrough, but as with any mod, this is not recommended.

Most of the stones can be found near ancient nord ruins or other places of historical significance - for rough locations, see the readme under the Docs tab above.


Only Dawnguard and Dragonborn, which come with SSE.

Known Issues

The runestones' textures are not super hi-res, likely due to limitations of the photograph source material used. I started to look at Ersgan AI upscaling but have not had time to learn how to use it. If you have experience with texture upscaling, please take a crack at the runestones and share your improved version with us. I think they look fine enough as they are... you can pretend any loss of fidelity is the fault of years of snow and wind taking their toll on the stones  :-)

Update: Many thanks to EinBlonderTraum for upscaling the runestones textures!! Can be found here.

Future Plans & Permissions

If you have any suggestions for additional locations that you think deserve a runestone, let me know and I'll consider the addition. I will not accept other requests, for patches or back-porting. Feel free to enhance this mod as you see fit - no need to ask for permission - simply credit myself, elinen, and ztree.

Many thanks to:
Snufkin for the catalogue
Bethesda for this damn game that I'm still playing nearly a decade later