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The Vigil Enforcer Set adds some really neat Vigilant of Stendarr and Silver Hand armor sets to the game... but those factions don't use them! Well, now they do.

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The Vigilants' New Clothes
The Vigilants of Stendarr and Silver Hand are interesting new factions introduced in Skyrim, however they suffer from a lack of visual uniqueness. The Vigilants
wear leveled mage's robes with some armor bits and the Silver Hand wear what is essentially Bandit armor. These two factions, while not major players in Skyrim, deserve something more fitting to make them stand out from the crowd. The Vigil Enforcer Armor Set Creation added various new sets themed around the Vigilants of Stendarr and Silver Hand, however neither of these armors are integrated into the leveled lists! This mod hopes to remedy that.


  • Leveled Vigilants of Stendarr now wear Vigil Enforcer Armor, either with or without a helmet.
  • Keeper Carcette now wears Vigil Veteran Sashed Armor without a helmet.
  • Vigilant Tyranus now wears Vigil Veteran Armor with an open helmet.
  • Vigilant Adalvald now wears Vigil Veteran Boots.
  • Moric Sidrey now wears Vigil Veteran Armor with a closed helmet.
  • Vigilant Tolan now wears Vigil Veteran Armor without a helmet.
  • Leveled Silver Hand now wear Vigil Silver Hand Armor without a helmet.
  • Krev the Skinner now wears Vigil Silver Hand Armor with a helmet.
  • Vigil Silver Hand Armor renamed to "Silver Hand Armor".


Simon Magus for inspiring me to learn to mod.
VictorF and Paleo the Patching Parrot for helping me around xEdit and the Creation Kit.
Maty743 and Kris Takahashi for their work on the Vigil Enforcer Armor Set Creation.

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