Skyrim Special Edition
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A perfectly balanced race mod for a perfectly balanced game, enjoy it.

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Race mod with these effects: 

Orcs: +50% power attack damage, take 25% less damage while power attacking, +5 health restoration while power attacking, +10% magic resistance

Bretons: 20% magic absorbtion, 20% magic resistance. +50 magicka, +50 damage resistance while spellcasting

Argonians: waterbreathing, 95% resist poison, 75% resist disease,  restore 5 health/sec

Altmers: Restore 5 magicka while spellcasting, +100 magicka, 75% disease resistance, 15% spellcost reduction

Bosmers: +20% archery damage, 75% disease resistance, +10% movement speed, +20% bow attack speed

Dunmers: 50% fire resistance, 15% chance to incoming attacks, 15% chance to incoming spells to miss, +20% flame spells and effects damage

Imperials: create a cloak that absorbs 10 stamina each attack, create a cloak that has a 10% chance to pacify a NPC for 2 seconds each attack, +15% critical
chance, create a cloak that halt stamina regeneration for 3 seconds each attack 

Khajiits: +30% movement speed, +25% sneak bonus, nighteye, +18 unarmed damage. 

Nords: +50% frost resistance, +25% shock resistance, +20% shout magnitude, +20% shout cooldown reduction

Redguards: +75% resist disease, +75% resist poison, +100 stamina, +7 stamina recovery/sec

(All Imperial cloaks have a magnitude of 10ft)