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Added: 06/11/2016 - 05:03PM
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Last updated at 16:54, 6 Nov 2016 Uploaded at 17:03, 6 Nov 2016

I always thought the baskets you can find lying around were the ugliest bits of clutter. Dingy and dirty, and just all-around unpleasant to look at; I suspect this was to make them seem well-worn, or to make sure they'd fit in better in abandoned ruins should they be placed there, something of that nature. Either way, the result is that merchants are displaying their wears poorly, the rich apparently can't afford nice baskets, and so on.

So eventually I just said "screw this" and changed the baskets to use a texture based on the one that all the wall baskets use. The screenshots should describe this change well enough.

Is this compatable with [insert model/texture replacer here]?

For the most part, yes to texture replacers, no to anything that edits the basket models themselves.

The way the textures were redone had just as much to do with UV editing as it did a different texture. Geometry-wise, there were some minimal edits to aid with my new UV maps, and I did smooth the handle to the flower baskets a tad, but by-and-large I didn't think the meshes needed much in the way of editing, so I didn't really do anything else.

The texture used is also new, technically -- it's an edited version of the one used for wall baskets, but it isn't the exact same texture. So if you've got anything that edits the original texture, don't expect that to carry over to the baskets.

Long story short, just install my thing last if you aren't sure.

Misc. Notes:

  • When it comes to the three models used for animations, I've only actually seen the flower basket carried around by that girl in Windhelm in action. Don't have any reason to think that the other two won't be fine, but let me know if there's any issues.

  • Forgot to mention initially, but you can use these models in your mods if you'd like! A link back to this mod in your description would be nice, but it's honestly not all that important. I do ask that you stick my name somewhere in the credits section.