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MacGrioghair and ak0d

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MacGrioghair's Ryder's Dragonfly Robes, converted to SSE CBBE. Standalone!

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Ryder's Dragonfly Robes
Thanks to MacGrioghair for the open permissions on Ryder's Dragonfly Robes.
Something a little different from me. Adds Ryder's Dragonfly Robes to SSE (fully optimised meshes and textures) with CBBE support, and an esl-flagged .esp plugin to save you a slot. There are two versions of the outfit:

  1. Light Armor: crafted at a forge. Requires Elven Smithing. Since MacGrioghair's original mod uses dragonscales for tempering, crafting also requires dragonscales.
  2. Unarmored: crafted at a tanning rack, with some basic materials.

The cloak and hood are not a part of this mod! If you really want to use them, grab the non-CBBE SSE port of this outfit. I decided not to include them in order to keep this release relatively minimalistic.

Note that there are no physics. The way the outfit looks (and would behave in real life) does not lend itself to bouncing parts. If you're using the cloak from the other conversion and want physics on it, you can get the texture, and reskin one of the cloaks from here.

Please feel free to take screenshots for the page, and as usual let me know any issues in the posts section.

Requires CBBE and Bodyslide.

Install with your mod manager, then build the meshes in BodySlide. You may want to make an 'outfit' version of your preset with reduced chest to make it look more realistic. Up to you.

Important: The sleeveless version of the robe is no longer a separate armour piece: instead, you can use the provided zap sliders in Bodyslide to remove the sleeves from the main outfit. Note there are two body zaps (to reduce clipping). If you decide to remove the sleeves, switch to 'BodyZap - Sleeveless Robe' (and untick the normal one), otherwise your character's arms will be invisible.

Version 1.1b: Optional archive with brighter diffuse textures for those who find the original too dark.
Version 1.1: Fixed a small area at the bottom of the skirt that could get deformed with certain sliders.
Version 1.0b: Removed some unused files from the archive, for smaller filesize. Updating is not crucial.
Version 1.0: Initial Release

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Beyond Skyrim - Bruma
KS Hairdos SSE
Bijin Skin

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