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Knock on doors to gain access to houses, SKSE free, works dynamically on all dlc locations plus mod added locations wich have handled the RefType of locations correctly (Like CRF etc.). So no need to major patches. No DLL or updates of SKSE involved. Crime system on intimidation failure. VR ok

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Simpler Knock

This mod was born because i refused to accept that SKSE was needed to make something like the mod "Simply Knock" of Chesko.

This took me some months of bashing head and cursing but eventually, i found the solution. Wich led me to this. We can say i was inspired by it? Yes, but my mod take a completely different approach and i think less intrusive and suitable to all playthrough. 

The mod activates like the CC content. This means after the hypotetical tutorial phase in helgen (when the quest "Unbound" starts) if you use Alternate start wait some seconds after choosing your destiny with the statue of Mara, with "Random Start" just wait 30-ish second after character generation.

But first, what this mod actually does?

-Simpler Knock is a dynamic knocking on habitation system, knocking on someone elses door is as simple as activate the door you want to knock, choose "Knock the door"(condition: Not moving, Not sneaking), a quest marker will eventually appear on the door, the owner will then answer!.

A menu will appear to make you choose wich actual current resident is inside the house that can be called to answer the door! Who answers is not random anymore!

- The next step? You will have basically 2 choices, you are a friend of the house owner, or you're not.

1- You are a friend of the specific Owner of the house wich answers to the knock, he/she will let you in. You will not trespass.
2- You aren't a friend:
2a- Try to persuade your way in, if you fail you will get in "Nuisance" state. You cannot knock on doors in this state. Wait untill it wears off, (or use the other unconventional ways to enter, if you are blessed by Dibella you are immune to "Nuisance" ). On success, the owner will let you in, you will not trespass, you will have up to 30 sec of time (dialogue time excluded) after that time you will be escorted out the house.
2b- Try to intimidate the owner, if you fail the owner will enrage, won't open the door, guards will be called a bounty will be added. On success, the owner will let you in but based on the confidence of the owner, 2 things will happen.
2ba- The owner will run away from you in fear, but still, you are not trespassing.
2bb- The owner and all other resident will ambush you, and still, you are not trespassing .

- Success of Persuade and Intimidate leads to a Speechcraft Skill up
- The difficulty of Persuade and Intimidate test is completely random, having more skill in speech helps obiouvsly.

This is it! Quite simple right? And should feel as a realistic behavior...

Now i will explain the major differences from "Simply Knock"

- This mod is SKSE free, no DLL involved, no broken mod when SKSE gets updated.
- This mod dynamics obtains the voicetypes of house owners, in a different way of "Simply Knock" a talking activator is not required with it tons of references or script dynamics to obtain the house owners.
- The mod obtains the residents references by very simple but clever system that is already in skyrim, wich is the obtaining of the LocRefType inside a location. Combined with a series of conditions wich they lead to exact owner of the house. This is how regular skyrim is build this makes it 100% compatible with the original game.
- In version 1.8 an additional feature has been added to let you decide wich resident will give you access to the house if present.

- The calculation is improved in 1.7 ver. the house owner will answer (if he/she is at home) from 20 sec after the knock to a maximum of 1 min (wait time reduced by a potential 2/3).This calculation take in consideration how crowded is a city, the house owners and select exactly who is in the house.


Does this mod can be considered an heavy scripted mod?
Nope, is 13kb (Simply Knock is 798kb). Also is all handled by 1 quest.
Does this mod modifies assets, cells, locations etc.?
Nope (Installing the JKs skyrim patch for this mod will of said mod)
Does this mod modifies anything else?
Yes will give an already existing key of the Honningbrew residential area to their bosses (in a dinamic way without touching references), same for Verner and Anneke of Darkwater crossing, these are 2 inconsistencies with the game that should be fixed by the unofficial patch maybe they will one day.
Are you going to upload to Bnet the mod?
Yup, eventually
What does it mean SKSE free and not requiring additional files?
Means simply that everyone can enjoy the feature of this mod, not only a restricted group of peapole.
I installed the mod but YAAAA! doesn't work!
Please wait untill the mod activates, then after receiving "Simpler Knock" instructions, follow the procedure to knock on a door.
Quest marker doesn't appear YAAAAAAA! I'm angry! *Karate chop the keyword*
Calm down. If for any reason the door should not be considerate knockable by this mod a maximum time will expire with a notification. Although this mod is based on the vanilla system that handles locations, some mods might have not included their cells, actors, constructions in this system. Rest easy! Major mods like Cutting room floor, official DLC, Creation Club content, Beyond Skyrim bruma should be all compatible.

Unfortunately cannot be said for mod like:
-JK Skyrim (the custom merchant houses not the vanilla game ones)
And that is it! I personally checked all other major "Cities" overhaul and all are using correctly the Location system YAY.