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Tired of your horses returning to the place you bought them from? Stable your horses anywhere, and they will return there when dismissed.

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Tired of your horses returning to the place you bought them from even though you have a player home with lovely stables? No more. With this mod, you can move your horse's home to a place of your choice, and that horse will always return there after being dismissed.

How it works:
After installing, you will get three "Stable" spells. Cast one on a horse to manage it, and select a slot. Cast another to place an invisible marker where you are standing (outdoor only) to make that the new home for whatever horse is in that slot. And cast another spell to clear either a horse or a marker. That's it. Currently, up to five horses are supported, although I may add more eventually.

Note: You can tag horses or place markers independently of one another. So you can set up the markers first, then add or change around the horses that stable there later. Or you can tag a horse first, then set or move the marker around later. The stabling AI will only take effect if the marker for that slot is placed somewhere in the world.

This doesn't touch anything in the vanilla game, except for placing the markers' initial location inside Whiterun Stables, so it should be compatible with pretty much anything. Make sure you clear all of the horse and marker slots just to be safe if you want to uninstall. This is an ESL flagged ESP, so it won't affect your plugin limit.