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Introducing AbelMandor, a fully standalone custom nord voiced follower with a separate follower framework. Ported to SE.

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Who is he?

AbelMandor is a nord voiced follower who uses custom handpicked male nord voice.(Don’t worry, he won’t conflict with any vanilla follower voices.)

He is an alchemist by profession,turned warrior who can use dovah thu’um and call forth the aid of nordic beings
and transforms into one when need arises.

Transformation from a thaumaturgist to a man of wonder:

Abel was once an alchemist/dungeon dweller who lived in Skyrim helping people and curing their diseases. He sometimes traveled to dungeons to collect specific herbs for his medical recipes.Suddenly, due to severe drought and lack of rainfall,cultivating and finding herbs became more difficult for him.

He then came to know of a farthest dungeon which was said to be the only source of medical herbs available during that severe drought. It was also rumored that the dungeon was a dwelling place of a powerful Dragon Priest and his Draugr hordes. Despite several warnings from the villagers, he traveled to the dungeon, on the hope of gathering herbs for his village.

Though he was successful in acquiring the herbs, he was ambushed on the exit of the dungeon by the dragon priest and his hordes. Heavily wounded and gasping for breath, Abel barely made out of the dungeon. He was spotted by some pilgrims who were passing by that way to Ivarstead heading for High Hrothgar.

He was then taken to High Hrothgar, and got treated for several days. Knowing that his soul was pure and his only intention was to help the people of Skyrim, the greybeards welcomed him into their council and taught him the way of the voice under the guidance of Paarthurnax.

Abel got a scar when fighting the dragon priest which got healed over time but it contained a powerful curse, which made him turn to a draugr or dragon priest unexpectedly. He soon realized its aftermath and decided to leave High Hrothgar. With a heavy heart, the Greybeards parted with him but created a spectral clone of him, which stayed as a guardian and assisted them and anyone who came for help.

Abel traveled for some time and through his mastery in alchemy, learned to control the curse. It even made him immortal. He also mastered archery and became a Bow Master.

Abel now stays in SleepingGiant Inn, Riverwood temporarily after a long trek all across Skyrim.

TL;DR:   A short story about AbelMandor.

Basic Information:

  • Location : Sleeping Giant Inn, Riverwood.
  • Race : Custom Nord Race.
  • Level : Starts at level 10. Then levels with the player.
  • Class : Warrior(2H/1H/Uses Bows & Arrows/Shouts).
  • Perks:
         i. Two-Handed : Barbarian (Rank 5).
        ii. One-Handed : Armsman (Rank 5).
       iii. Block: Deflect Arrows, Elemental Protection, Shield Wall (Rank 5).
       iv. Archery: Bullseye, Critical Shot (Rank 3), Overdraw (Rank 5), Power Shot.
        v.  Heavy Armor: Juggernaut (Rank 5),Matching Set, Reflect Blows,Tower of Strength,Well Fitted.                
       vi.  Sneak: Light Foot, Muffled Movement.
      vii.  Destruction: Augmented Frost (Rank 2),Deep Freeze, Augmented Flames (Rank 2), Intense Flames,
       Augmented Shock (Rank 2).

Basic Features:

  • Uses a separate follower framework, so you can have a vanilla follower alongside him.
  • A lesser power to summon him is added to player. Spell is removed when he is dismissed.
  • Has his own summonable horse Ghosty.
  • Teleport to various locations as your story in Skyrim progress. (Handpicked 77 locations. Refer Teleportation article for more info).
  • Set any place as his home.
  • Master archer trainer. (Training dialogue unlocks after completing The Way of the Voice)
  • Apothecary. Vendor option unlocks after completing Dragon Rising (Many powerful ingredients that cannot be purchased also gets added to his store as you progress your story in Skyrim. Note: Some ingredients are needed for teleportation too😉. Refer Teleportation article for more info.)
  • His shout ability unlocks after completing The Way of the Voice.
  • Can cure your diseases. Just ask him when you have contracted a disease.

Advanced Features:

  • Remember the curse mentioned above, he got from the dragon priest? After several days of self-controlled treatment and with the help of The Way of the Voice ,he can now assist player in a lot of ways.
  • He can share his immortality to player when getting recruited. (Player is set to be essential as long as Abel is a follower.)
  • Upon entering a nordic ruin, you can ask Abel to mask your enmity with the Nordic inmates of the dungeon (draugrs, dragon priests won’t attack you and your teammates when you’re under Abel’s spell.) Spell can be removed by talking again to Abel.
  • A separate dialogue about his combat summons and transformations unlocks as your story in Skyrim progresses. (Refer Summons & Transformations article for more info).

Notes on Compatibility:

  • Do not manage Abel or his horse with any follower/horse overhaul mods.
  • Same thing applies to changing him to werewolf/vampire.You’ll break him,seriously.
  • Don’t forget to read FAQs/Workarounds in the article section in case of any issues.


  • Don’t forget to take the Friendly Fire spell tome from Abel’s inventory when you first recruit him. Spell comes in pretty useful to handle any friendly fire issues if one arises.
  • A chaotic spell tome called “Elemental Beam” is added to a Nordic ruin.

My Other Mods:


  •  Bethesda Game Studios, for the incredible Skyrim game and Creation Kit, the super tool for modding Skyrim.
  •  SKSE team, for the powerful SKSE scripts.
  •  Nexus team, for encouraging the modding community to make many mods and enhance games like Skyrim.
  •  BowmoreLover, for his utility tool: Lazy Voice Finder.His tool is really helpful for checking voice lines of npcs without  extracting the entire bsa files.
  •  Darkfox127, for his amazing Skyrim youtube tutorials.