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Pickpocket the soul gem powering a Dwarven Automaton in order to kill it.

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Hey, I have a Discord now! 

Pickpocket the soul gem from any dwarven automaton in order to kill it. As requested by u/_shazdeh on reddit.

Some exceptions apply:

  • Aicantar's spider: you wouldn't want to kill this lil guy would you?
  • Steadfast Automata from Kagrumez: they are also friendly...
  • The Forgemaster: just seemed too cheaty to me. Don't be a milk drinker, fight him!
  • Anything summoned by the Aetherial Staff: This would give you a pretty much infinite supply of soul gems, too cheaty.

Some limitations apply:

  • The Centurions in Blackreach that you need to pull a lever to activate: You can pickpocket the gem off of them but it won't kill them. I can only guess that the game doesn't consider them alive until they're activated. (Thanks Nero for testing this!)  Thanks Spheal for figuring this out! These centurions can now be de-souled.
  • If you're in combat with something you can't pickpocket it. (this is vanilla afaik)
  • If you happen to get caught you won't be able to try again for 3 days. (this is also vanilla)
  • If you have a mod that adds dwemer enemies that don't use vanilla bases, this probably won't function without a patch.