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This mod turns our favorite Meeko into the ghost dog.
Now he has a colorful aura, ghost resistance, immune to poison and has no level limit.

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Meeko the Ghost Dog

...The old hunter died, and his faithful dog Meeko soon followed his master.
A necromancer from the nearby Snowhawk Fort discovered the corpse of a dog, and decided to make himself a personal undead guard.
Brilliant idea at first glance. But only at first ...

This mod turns Meeko into the ghost dog.
Now he has a colorful aura, ghost resistance (50% frost and damage resistance), immune to poison and has no level limit.

He is stronger than a normal dog, and becomes stronger with increasing levels. Now he can be useful even at levels 50+.
You can also summon Meeko at any time with the new "Summon Meeko" lesser power.
Meeko lives in his usual place - Meeko Shack, to the west from Morthal and to the east from Dragon Bridge, near the road.
You can recruit him in the same way as in the vanilla game.
Don't forget to search the body of the necromancer and take his journal and the spell tome.
There are four color options for Meeko - blue, green, gold and red. The default is blue.
To change the color, copy the ESP from the folder of the corresponding color and overwrite the ESP in your Skyrim Special Edition\Data directory.
You can change the color as you like at any time. When you load a saved game, the colors and aura of Meeko may be broken, but everything will be corrected after you go through the load door.

To install: copy files MeekoTheGhost.esp and MeekoTheGhost.bsa to your Skyrim Special Edition\Data directory. Activate mod.

To uninstall: Important - DISMISS Meeko first! Than delete files MeekoTheGhost.esp and MeekoTheGhost.bsa.
Optional: Use FallrimTools to clean your save game.