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I've been making some new flower textures for an upcoming mod and thought to share them with the community. Perhaps, they will brighten someone's day.

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Lousy Lavender SE

by Kriemen

I've been making some new flower textures for an upcoming mod and thought to share them with the community. Perhaps, they will brighten someone's day.

* SE textures are BC7 with mipmaps generated. The original LE ones also work.
* All are at 1024x1024 resolution with mipmaps generated.
* They will replace your existing vanilla lavender textures.
* Have tried to keep them in a similar style to the originals.
* They are not as bright and gaudy as "Dodgy Deathbells".
* Available in Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White and Yellow.
* I don't know how they will look with an ENB running.
  (I only use Vivid Weathers.)

There is also an archive containing all 6 textures for use as a modder's resource.

Lousy Lavender Demo that adds a lousy lavender of each color to the Khajiit camp by Whiterun stables.
Use Jaxonz Positioner to duplicate and add plants wherever you wish.

Purple has also been added. Not included in the modder's resources or demo yet.

Spell Set  is a collection of spells that allow the player to conjure a Lousy Lavender where they wish. It contains all the meshes 
and textures required. Does not replace any vanilla plant.

* The spell tomes are in a barrel in the Khajiit camp near Whiterun Stables.
* There is one spell per colour.
* Bonus spell that conjures all colours in the same place. This will need Jaxonz to move them about.
* They are not tied into the HF planter system and purely exist to brighten the world.
* They are NOT real plants. Just copies of them.

* These are independent of any other plant mods.
* Have spent several days play testing and they appear to be persistent.
* I don't know if there is anything that will change this behaviour.
* This mod is meant to assist those, with no knowledge of CK.

* When cast, a ghost appears for 1 sec. On death, a lavender is placed instead of ghostly remains.
  The ghost may move a little before dying. Moving the crosshairs during casting will also affect the final placement.
* This method is my interpretation of how "Skyrim Reforestation Project" works. Credit goes to the author of that mod.
* I'm looking for a method that allows me to place a real plant. 

If you wish to have them elsewhere, simply copy and place them with Jaxonz Positioner.


Bethesda for making their games moddable and allowing us to do so.
Everyone who makes all the new textures that I have enjoyed over the years.


* Feel free to use and modify for your own mods, with appropriate credit given.
* Earning DP for your mod using these assets is OK with me.
* Let me know know if you release something using these assets. I love to see what people do with them. 
   (Especially if they modify and improve on them.)

* Please DO NOT post my work outside of Nexusmods.
* Please DO NOT charge money for my hard work.
* Please DO NOT include in modpacks.