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This mod patches the armor from NordwarUA’s and DanielUA's excellent Guard Armor Replacer mod so that it is compatible with Requiem v 3.3.0.

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Requiem - Guards Armor Replacer Patch

Please note that currently the most recent version of this mod is being carried and supported here.

This mod patches the armor from NordwarUA’s and DanielUA's excellent Guards Armor Replacer SSE so that it is compatible with Requiem v 3.3.0. 

This mod patches the armor from NordwarUA’s and DanielUA's excellent Guards Armor Replacer SSE so that it is compatible with Requiem v 3.3.0. Every piece or armor and every weapon added by this mod has been carefully compared with its respective Requiem counterpart and adjusted accordingly. The same careful comparison was also done with keywords and tempering recipes.  

Before I get into the specifics, let me just say that these armors are absolutely beautiful in game. I took a number of screenshots to show the various holds, but none of them truly do these armors justice. 

The default Requiem Guard Outfits (REQ_Outfit_GuardXX_XX and REQ_Outfit_GuardXX_XX_Officer) have all been replaced by their respective Hold’s armor. The Melee Outfits were replaced with the Heavy Armor Set and the Ranged Outfits were replaced with the Light Armor Set.

The default Stormcloak armors have all been replaced with the various Rebel armors.

Other Outfits
Faleen’s Outfit - updated to Heavy Markarth’s Guard Armor, Gauntlets and Boots
Gorm’s Outfit - updated to Heavy Hjaalmarch Guard’s Armor, Chainmail Boots and Bracers
Helvard’s Outfit - updated to Heavy Falkreath Guard’s Armor, Chainmail Boots and Bracers
Hrongar’s Outfit - updated to Heavy Whiterun’s Guard Armor, Gauntlets and Boots
Jarl Balgruff’s Sword - Substituted his steel sword with “Balgruuf's Sword” from the mod, which is an Ebony Sword equivalent 
Ralof’s Outfit - updated to “Eastmarch Rebel’s Armor” and “Boots of Iron”
Unmid’s Outfit - updated to Heavy Riften’s Guard Armor, Boots of Iron and Riften Gauntlets
Ulfric’s Outfit - Added “Ulfric’s Helmet” which is an Ebony equivalent. Added “Ulfric’s War Axe” which is an Ebony equivalent to MQUlfric
Hadvar’s Outfit - updated to Heavy Solitude Guard’s Armor, Gauntlets and Boots and an occasional Solitude Shield
Commander Caius’ Outfit - updated to REQ_Outfit_GuardWhiterun_Melee_Officer
Galmar Stone-Fist’s Outift - updated his weapon to the “Warlord’s Axe” added by the mod. The newest version of Requiem updates Galmar’s outfit to a powerful Nordic set; so I thought it was better to retain Requiem’s version as it is a nice set and a worthy reward should you defeat Galmar.  

Elite Armor Sets
There are two Elite Armor Sets which are the equivalent of Ebony.  These have been updated to their Requiem counterparts. According to the original mod, these are available as rewards for city quests. 

All the weapons added by the mod have been modified to be comparative to their Requiem counterparts. They are part of the LeveledCharacter lists and will appear randomly in generated Guards and Stormcloaks. 

Fixed some minor spelling errors in armor and weapon names. 

Install with your favorite Mod Manager into your Skyrim\Data folder. The patch should be installed after Requiem. I recommend the following installation steps

STEP 1: Download the “Guards Armor Replacer” MAIN FILE. Do not download the optional file. Install this file with your Mod Manager of choice. 

STEP 2: Place the Guards_Armor_Replacer.esp in your load order directly above Requiem.esp.

STEP 3: Download and install this patch BELOW Requiem.esp. It must be installed below any other Requiem patches that modify weapons, armor, etc. To use a popular patch as an example, this patch should be installed BELOW any patches for the mod Improved closefaced helmets


Requiem - Improved Closefaced Helmets.esp (Improved Closefaced Helmet Patch or similar patches)

STEP 4: Review your load order in SSEdit and note any conflicts. Move the "Requiem_Guard_Armor_Replacer.esp" lower if needed. 

STEP 5: Run the Reqtificator and place the "Requiem for the Indifferent.esp" last in your load order. Activate it. 

STEP 6 (Optional): Review your load order in SSEdit again to make sure that the patch maintained their values.  You will likely only need to do this the first time you install the patch so you can understand what the patch does. 

  • Skyrim SE - Current Version
  • Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
  • Guards Armor Replacer SSE
  • Requiem v3.3 - Converted to SE

  • NordwarUA’s and DanielUA's
  • The Requiem Team
  • The Modding Community for inspiration

  • Cleaned with TES5Edit