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You think Draugr unarmored must die with one or two hits ? You think a regular human cannot handle one hundred and fifty arrows or sword's hits in his head ?
This mod is for you. You deal much more, you take much more.

Permissions and credits
The main spirit of this mod is inspired by the game Dark Souls, which proposes a real challenge to the player. Fights are dynamic, and doesn't last more than 10 seconds, except for big monsters.

This mod brings a lot of gameplay modifications, and almost all of the parameters are involved.

Make sure the mod is at the bottom of your Data Files, or at least after any other mod which changes the gameplay.

Here is a list of the most important features :

- You deal more, you take more.
- Magicka and stamina regenerations increase a lot during fights. Health regen decreases.
- Armor bonus and armor scaling are less effective.
- The mod adds a base magic resistance (unless mages could kill you with one tiny fireball).
- Power attack, block and bash cost much more, but run cost less.
- NPC's Health reduced.
- Shields absorb almost all the physical damages (95-100%).
- You attack much more quicker with a bow (with the Archery perk)
- Health base decreased.
- Dual casting cost less.
- 100 hp at level 1 (but it will not save you from the death).
- Dragons have twice their HP.
- This mod contains the Decrease Arrow damage

The current version is 1.2. I will try my best to improve the mod, so feel free to leave a comment below !

New in the 1.2 :

- Stamina cost for block decreases.
- Small adjustment in the way you deal and you take damages.
- Dragons' health doubled.
- Arrow damage decreases.
- Other small changes.