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A simple animal follower system. Allows taming almost any animal you come across. Support for up to 50 followers, ability to set a home for each one.

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Tamed animals become potential followers, you can set their homes, make them wait/follow just like any standard follower, major difference is that they're commanded via a menu instead the dialogue. Reason for this is largely technical, since dialogue options require adding voice types to animal NPCs which is much too invasive/complicated to implement.

Up to 50 animals can be managed at a time and there's a simple option to permanently dismiss if you don't want it any more. They are not set essential and can die, so you need to take care of them. If one dies it is immediatelly unregistered and a slot frees up.


  • Tame almost any animal NPC from vanilla game or installed mods (must have ActorTypeAnimal or ActorTypeCreature keyword)
  • Optionally override animal keyword restriction and tame anything you can charm (use with caution)
  • Up to 50 managed animal followers
  • Set homes for your animals
  • Ability to summon if they get lost
  • Lightweight, no overrides and no polling scripts


  See the tutorial video if you're having any issues

  • Buy Tame Animal illusion spell from Drevis Neloren at the College of Winterhold
  • Find and learn a charm spell (Calm/Pacify/etc..)
  • Animal must be under the effects of a charm spell before you can tame it
  • First put the animal under charm spell, then hit it with Tame Animal

Manual Installation:

  • Drop "Data" folder into your Skyrim SE installation directory and enable nPetFollowers.esp


Should be compatible with everything, but pay attention not to:

  • Manage any NPC which is already managed by another follower framework
  • Manage special animal NPCs like Barbas since it could break quests related to that NPC.


No other mods are required but it is recommended that you install SKSE, otherwise some features will be disabled.