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Restores most of the Morrowind and Oblivion racial traits.

Permissions and credits

Some racial mods decide to change everything, or go above and beyond by adding in new abilities. Not this mod!

This mod does the following things:
- Restores passive racial traits to the values they were in Morrowind/Oblivion.
- Leaves changed active racial abilities as they are in Skyrim (but buffed Dunmer's Ancestor Wrath).
- Quickly adds in the two missing active racial abilities for Imperials and Khajiit.

This is a personal mod for myself
, but I decided to upload it in case there were others who were interested in having the races spiced up a bit but not rebuilt from the ground up like overhauls tend to do.


The unofficial patches changes were carried over, so that they are not overwritten by this mod.

Obviously, any other mods that change Races and Vampire Races will conflict.

Known Issues

If you find any problems with the Imperial's "Star of the West" or Khajiit's "Eye of Fear", please let me know. I made them from scratch, but, they seem to work alright in testing. They're very basic, but if you don't like them, go change the animations in the CK.

Below are the exact changes made to each race. Their old Skyrim values are listed in parenthesis (if there is none listed, it was removed in Skyrim).

 - Restored starting increase in Magicka by 100 (was 50)
 - Restored resistance to Disease to 75%
 - Restored weakness to Shock of -25%
 - Restored weakness to Fire of -25%
 - Restored weakness to Frost of -25%
 - Restored resistance to Poison to 100%
 - Restored resistance to Disease to 75% (was 50%)

 - Command Animal duration restored to 600s (was 60s)
 - Restored starting increase in Magicka by 50
 - Restored resistance to Magic to 50% (was 25%)
 - Restored resistance to Fire to 75% (from 50%)
 - Ancestor's Wrath damage increased to 15 (was 8)
This should make it decent, if not comparable to having an Ancestor Summon.
 - Added a "Star of the West" greater power (Absorbs 200pts of Stamina from targets hit by the effect.)
Although this was a touch spell in Morrowind and Oblivion, this has been recreated as an aimed "shout" spell. Offensive abilities cast from the "Power" slot function better this way, and it is more intuitive in Skyrim. (It works like an instant-cast Shout.)
 - Added an "Eye of Fear" greater power (Targets hit by the effect flees from combat for 30 seconds.)
It has the same strength as the Nord's Battle Cry, the difference is this one is aimed with the eye instead of an Area of Effect. (Like Star of the West, this now works like an instant-cast Shout.)

 - Added 25% resistance to Shock
Note: Nords had this in Morrowind at 50%, but lost it in Oblivion. This is the middle ground.
 - Did not add a "Woad" greater power
Go learn Oakflesh.
 - Restored 25% resistance to Magic

 - Restored Poison and Disease resistance to 75% (was 50%)