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Overhauls the Dragon Priest Masks so that they live up to their lore's hype.

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NOTE 6/25/17 - I hadn't realized how popular this had become while I was away! However, I'm no longer actively working on Skyrim mods due to various other commitments. I've updated the FAQ to answer some questions I received in PMs.

"Legend holds that the highest ranking Dragon Priests were granted magical masks - strange artifacts that defy the laws of time, and grant their wearers powerful enchantments..."

...unless you are the Dragonborn, then you can enchant better helmets in Whiterun's keep, while leaving these things to rot on that stand in the middle of nowhere. If you bothered to collect them in the first place that is.


What this mod does is brings these supposed "artifacts belonging to the servants of the ancient dragons" up to that legendary level. It also makes some of them much more appealing by making all the masks cater to different playstyles. Finally, it balances the number of masks per armor type (5 Heavy, 4 Light, 5 Clothing).

All masks should transcend what you can do with enchanting helmets in the game. Dragon Priest Masks will now either have three (or more) enchantments, or the Fortify Shouts enchantment that is not accessible in crafting. To make them the truly unique artifacts that they are.


This mod heavily modifies the ArmorDragonPriestMask, DLC2ArmorAcolyteMask, and DLC2MKMiraakMask Armor entries, and the EnchDragonPriestMask and DLC2EnchAcolyteMask Object Effect entries. tl;dr - mods that alter the Dragon Priest Masks gameplay mechanics (to include Armor/Clothing/Circlet tags) will likely override this mod.

Other than that, it should be pretty much compatible with anything else.


Q: "I don't like _____ / _____ is OP. Can you change it?"
A: As I'm no longer working on Skyrim mods for the foreseeable future, my answer is No. However, I encourage people who wish to tweak this mod for their own use to pull up TES5Edit, the CK, or whichever program you prefer to edit it yourselves. The changes I've made are not complex.

Q: "Can I use this mod in my mod / Can I create a compatibility patch for X mod?"
A: Yes. All this mod really is is a small collection of number and text changes. Anyone can come up with the idea of improving masks and doing this themselves. So, credit me if you want to, but I won't be bothered if you don't.

Q: "Can you create a compatibility patch for X mod?"
A: No. If you are interested in mods, understanding TES5Edit is a good skill to have. The changes I made are not difficult, and can easily be carried over into a mod that alters Dragon Priest masks with the program. In short, you are capable of making your own!


+ Increases your Magicka by 50/75/100.
+ Magicka regenerates 25/50/75% faster.
+ Destruction spells cost 5/10/15% less to cast.
+ Time between shouts is reduced by 5/5/5%.

Are you kidding me? +70 Magicka is the best you can get on the mask of the First Dragonborn at the end of a DLC storyline? Well, if they're going for an armored spellcaster with this mask, lets make it better. Regen helps, and Miraak likes to cast destruction magic, so we'll cheapen them up a bit. Finally, all versions get a minor shout reduction. Just for flavor.

(No changes are made to which mask you acquire. If you don't want leveled loot, I suggest using a mod that fixes loot or lets you upgrade those items.)

Heavy Masks

• Konahrik's Privilege (unchanged)
+ Time between shouts is reduced by 30%.

Despite its unique enchantment, the Mask of Masks was still... rather underwhelming. Most of the time you'd probably just want to keep one of the masks you were using before, and not even bother picking this one up. So, to make it all the more appealing to collect them all and trade in for this, it now has an obscenely powerful version of the Fortify Shouts enchantment. A fitting Dragon Mask for the Dragonborn.

+ Stamina Regenerates 50% faster.
+ Time between shouts is reduced by 20%.

Rahgot was one of the worst offenders, having a regular Stamina enchantment that you could have done yourself on a better helmet with the option of an extra enchantment. Not exactly a great mask carrying the name of "Rage" in the Dragon's Tongue, is it? So the regular Fortify Stamina was replaced with the rarer and stronger Fortify Stamina Regen. And to make it a physical counterpart to the magical Morokei, this mask also grants the desirable Fortify Shouts enchant in a Heavy Armor, melee-friendly form.

+ Two-handed attacks do 20% more damage.
+ Block 20% more damage.
+ Health Regenerates 50% faster.

The survival theme with the poison and disease resistances is pretty neat... unless you're an Argonian. Or an Altmer. Or a Bosmer. Or a Redguard. Or a Vampire. Or a Werewolf. Or if you've picked up any of the cool unique armors with these resistances already. Or if diseases and poisons really mattered by the time you're coming to collect this mask. To make this mask truly Brutal, as its namesake suggests, you now have access to enchantments that actually support the playstyle for a brutal warrior. Attacking and parrying with a big sword, and stitching up whatever wounds you're bound to take.

+ Increases your Health by 100 points.
+ Increases Heavy Armor skill by 25 points.
+ Increases Magic Resistance by 25%
+ Increases your Disease Resistance by 100%.
+ Increases your Poison Resistance by 100%.

Three resistances on one item is boring. Seven is better. To fit with the name and the preexisting theme of the item, this mask simply lets you take a boatload more damage than you'd be able to without it. Also, the disease/poison resistance from Hevnoraak make it over here, just in case you're still wandering around without one of the umpteen items that gives you that resistance already. (This mask might even be "OP" with a mod that makes diseases and poisons scary.)

Light Masks

• Archery attacks do 20% more damage.
• Created potions and poisons are 20% more powerful.
+ Sneaking is 20% better.

Krosis was in a pretty good spot to begin with. However, to keep up with the "Sorrow" theme, the Lockpicking has been moved off this mask to Vokun, and replaced with a bonus to Sneaking, to help out your ninja poison archery even more.

+ One-handed attacks do 20% more damage.
+ Increases Light Armor skill by 25 points.
+ Block 20% more damage.

I never understood why the Mask called "Horror" made you better at interacting with people. (And breathing underwater?) To fill a missing role, this mask is now the counterpart to the Heavy Two-Handed Hevnoraak as well as the Archery in Krosis, providing a Light Armor One-Handed alternative for all your killing needs.

> Changed to "Light", armor and weight reduced.
+ Pickpocket success is 20% better.
+ Lockpicking is 20% easier.
+ Muffle, 0.5 magnitude.

The Mask of Shadow is better served in the Light Armor instead of Heavy Armor. Since I moved its effects off to Nahkriin, I should make this mask more fitting for those who walk among the shadows. As befitting the name, this Mask makes you better at doing illicit activities while Sneaking. This mask gets Muffle instead, which when paired with other unique boots with Muffle, will bring you up to the cap of 1 for this enchantment. (Muffle is also better for up-close sneaking.)

Unarmored Masks

> Changed to "Clothing", armor rating removed, weight reduced.
+ All spells cost 20% less to cast.

One of the more popular changes for "magic" masks is removing them as armor, so that mages can take full advantage of them with their mage perks. This does that to the normally-Heavy Nahkriin. In addition, the effects of the old Vokun are moved here, making this a really enticing alternative to the Morokei mask, if you're not one for using shouts as much as you use various schools of magic.

> Changed to "Clothing", armor rating removed, weight reduced.
• Magicka regenerates 100% faster.
• Time between shouts is reduced by 20%.

Bethesda had a unique enchant for this mask tucked away in the files... but didn't use it? Not anymore! Now it has its much more attractive Fortify Shouts attached as intended. The regeneration was kept around, in case you're looking for an alternative to a hard magicka increase in a head slot (which most mage hoods give). And as with Nahkriin, this has been moved to clothing so you can properly use it as a mage. Other than that, it was good to go from the start... if only Bethesda selected the correct enchantment to begin with.

Ahzidal, Dukaan, and Zahkriisos
> Changed to "Clothing", armor rating removed, weight reduced.
• Increases your Fire/Frost/Shock Resistance by 50%.
• Increases your Fire/Frost/Shock Damage by 25%.
+ Time between shouts is reduced by 10%.

There's a theme here with these masks, so I've decided to keep them mostly intact. I've gone and removed the armor, so they appeal to highly-specialized destruction mages, and balances out the number of masks for class archetypes. For a buff, they get a lesser version of Fortify Shouts. Just to make them more special.