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Adds a wide variety of voiced non-flying birds around Skyrim, as well as flying seagulls, crows, vultures and bonehawks. Includes pheasants, grouse, pigeons and roosters.

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Adds a wide variety of non-flying birds around Skyrim, as well as some flying seagulls and crows. All birds will sing, chirp, or cluck during daylight hours, while the roosters will crow at dawn and sunset. Seagull sound markers have also been placed in Solitude Docks, Dainty Sload and Wreck of the brinehammer for added ambiance. In v2.0, most birds will run a short distance away if the player gets too close, so they should no longer block your path. V2.6 includes circling vultures as well as more ravens, crows and bonehawks.

Also available on XBONE!


  • Animations for the flying crows, seagulls and vultures will now start randomly (i.e. there is less chance of synced flying animations).


  • Fixed the dialog of Poe and Merchant of Nocturnal


  • Added a volume slider for Birds of Skyrim.
  • Added 31 new flying vultures spread across 14 locations, with sound.
  • Added 15 additional walking ravens and 23 flying crows spread across 14 locations.
  • Added 20 additional flying bonehawks spread across 10 locations, with sound.
  • Added a Ghost Chicken that hangs out with vanilla ghost cows in Soul Cairn.
  • Added Poe, a talking Male Raven Merchant in Markarth.
  • Added Merchant of Nocturnal, a talking Female Ghost Raven Fence in Nightingale Hall.
  • Added conditions to many of the birds so they won't sing during bad weather. Due to limitations, vultures and bonehawks still sing 24/7.

Click the Logs menu item above to see the full Changelog.


Bullfinch: Found outside the farms in Windhelm, and in Dawnstar.
Crows: Found at many locations especially near graveyards, barrows, towers, etc.
Vultures: Mainly found near cave and cavern entrances.
Bonehawks: Found near the vampire castle and near vampire-inhabited caves.
Eurasian Jay: Found in Falkreath.
Kingfisher: Found near inland water sources. For example, the water west of Riverwood.
Oystercatcher: Found on the northwestern coast.
Pheasants: Mostly found in the wilderness between Riverwood and Falkreath.
Pigeons: Found inside and around the cities Markhart, Riften, Solitude, Whiterun and Windhelm.
Wood pigeons: Found in falkhreath and outside Markharth.
Pine thrush: Found in the rift area.
Sandpipers: Found in the swampy area east of Solitude.
Seagulls: Found on the dock areas of Dawnstar, Morthal, Solitude and Windhelm. They are also found in the wild along the northern coast of Skyrim.
Red grouse and ruffed grouse: Found on the plains between Whiterun and Roerikstead.
Sprouced grouse: Found in the wilderness between Riverwood and Falkreath.
Semi coloured grouse: Found in the border area between snowland and dryland.
White grouse: Found in the wild in snowy areas. Hard to find, and rare.
Snow bunting: Found in winterhold.
Sparrows, willow tits and great tits: Different places around Skyrim.
Ravens: Found at many locations especially near graveyards, barrows, towers, etc.
Roosters: Most of the farms around Skyrim have one rooster.
Baby chicken: Riverwood, Ivarstead, Solitude farm, and Whiterun farm.


Compatible with skyBirds SSE Edition by steve40, which is also highly recommended. Load Birds of Skyrim AFTER skyBirds.
Compatible with Birds and Flocks SSE Edition, which is also highly recommended.
Compatible with USSEP. No patch needed.
Compatible with SkyTEST. Load Birds of Skyrim AFTER SkyTEST.

For Birds of Skyrim SSE to function correctly, it is essential that you do not merge or rename the following mods if you are using them:

  • Birdsofskyrim_SSE.esp
  • skyBirds_SSE.esp
  • Rigmor.esp
  • SkyTEST-RealisticAnimals&Predators.esp
  • Immersive Patrols II.esp
  • Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul.esp


German version here.
Spanish version here.
Polish version here.
Italian version here.
Turkish version here.
The Russian version by Kopasov is available in the Downloads section under Miscellaneous.
The French version by Floyd2099 is available in the Downloads section under Miscellaneous.


Qasiermo for his original Skyrim mod and for giving permission to port it to Skyrim SSE and improve upon it.
steve40 for porting the mod to Skyrim SSE and updating it.
Huge thanks to weijiesen for sharing his feather effect shader atlases.
Ruhadre for additional technical help and doing most of v2.6 and v2.61.
Mr Siika and Tamira for the vulture mesh and textures.
psychosteve for the logo.

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