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A high level difficult too solve dungeon with a lore story, fully working Quest and Beta tested.

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I will begin by again stating that this is a challenging dungeon, it's also got difficult puzzles and no hand holding during the main part of the quest.  LOW LEVEL PLAYERS SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT THIS.  You're going to have too find clues and do some hunting too solve things but the answers are there.  There is a lot of loot and a couple high end weapons waiting at the end, their own forge and temper recipes.  Too begin the quest you'll get a letter from the courier and it'll start.

You will notice some things in the mod have weird and or unique names as well as the title of this mod, that's because I used Thu"um translator 
located here in making this mod.

The mod has been tested with followers and my helping tester phatbassanchor reported it working just fine with as many as 5 followers and a different variety of followers.  Mod has also been cleaned with SSEedit, has no conflicts what so ever with USSEP as well.  All the pics are also courtesy of same above tester who also commented You can quote me on that if you want... "This mod works flawlessly as advertised!"

Special thanks  Thu'um translator
phatbassanchor with testing and ideas in development.
Doug's youtube tutorials for CreationKit.
Bethesda for making a game that can be expanded upon and CK.