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About this mod

A New Chapter is a subtle mod that will replace vanilla clumsy vanilla sounds with custom ones. Their theme is books, journals, etc.

Permissions and credits
This mod has two file categories: Replacers and Add-Ons.

Sound Replacers

These files come as direct replacements to the vanilla ones.

  • Quest Update - turning pages.
  • New Objective - scribbling sound.
  • Activate Quest (select it in journal) - the sound of your character circling the record in their journal.
  • Inactive Quest (deselect it in journal) - the sound of your character crossing out the record.
  • Level Up - uses vanilla sound which was cut from the game (it was supposed to be the new quest sound).
  • New Game - blank sound to disable vanilla 'YUH' sound.

Sound Add-Ons

These files come as additions to the vanilla sounds or to the replaced sounds. Each of these files uses ESPFE-plugin to add new sounds.

  • New Game - adds a variety of 3 'magic light' sounds for the fresh experience every time you start a new game; perfect when you can't stop starting the game all over again.
  • New Quest - searching for the new page (scrolling through your journal); intended to be used with replacer for quest objective sounds.
  • Option to use both is also available.

All sounds can be found here.

Audio Overhaul and Immersive Sounds are recommended. Mod was built with them in mind. Be sure to grab this patch if you use both.

I also recommend using it with Your Own Thoughts, as this mod was made under inspiration from it.