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About this mod

A New Chapter is a subtle mod that will replace clumsy vanilla sounds with custom ones which should give an impression that you're interacting with a book.

Permissions and credits
This mod has two file categories: Replacers and Add-Ons.

Sound Replacers

These files come as direct replacements to the vanilla ones.

  • Quest Update - turning pages. 

  • New Objective - scribbling sound.

  • Level Up - uses vanilla sound which was cut from the game (it was supposed to be the new quest sound).

  • New Game - blank file to disable vanilla 'YUH' sound.

Sound Add-Ons

These files come as additions to the vanilla sounds or to the replaced sounds. Each of these files uses ESPFE-plugin to add new sounds.

Journal Sounds:

Intended to be used with replacer for quest objective sounds.

  • New Quest - searching for the new page (scrolling through your journal);

  • Activate Quest in Journal - the sound of your character circling the record in their journal.

  • Deactivate Quest in Journal - the sound of your character crossing out the record.

New Game Sounds:

Adds a variety of 3 'magic light' sounds for the fresh experience every time you start a new game; perfect when you can't stop starting the game all over again.

Recommended companions for this mod

Audio Overhaul and Immersive Sounds - mod was built with them in mind but should work just as fine without them. Be sure to grab this patch if you use both.

Your Own Thoughts - this mod was made under inspiration from it.