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A set of male and female light armor used by House Dimir's Vampire Assassins. For the infiltrators looking to finish the job, nothing less will do.

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Update 1.0.1: - Fixed Beast Races invisible helmet bug. This is simply an esp change so there is no need to redownload all the textures and meshes alongside it.

Update 1.1.0: - Added World Models for the inventory items (Known issue: the boots are lacking textures, but only in the inventory. May investigate later)
                      - Fixed Glove textures not being double sided.
                      - Added the missing tempering recipe. Every piece of gear can now be upgraded at a workbench. Same requirements as elven armor.

Update 1.1.0 again: - Added an optional file for those who want clothing over armor.

- Added ESL flagged ESP in optional files for people who would like to save space for other plugins. If you are updating from an older version PLEASE make sure to save/backup your game beforehand, it can potentially mess with your save file if you've already been using the armor.


A light armor mod for both male and female characters based on Magic The Gathering's Blood Operative. They specialize in Sneak and One-Handed for most of their assignments in Ravnica and Tamriel alike, but are skilled in Destruction magic, should the need arise to take out less corporeal marks.


Simply install with your favorite mod manager, or manually extract into your Data folder.

To install an update file, install after your main file package and overwrite/merge the updated files afterwards.


REQUIRES ELVEN SMITHING PERK. Craft in Elven armor at any forge, or type "help operative" in console (you might have to PageUp a couple times to see the pieces). Can be upgraded at a workbench just the same as Elven armor.

As always, any and all feedback is appreciated. If you have any questions or would simply like to report bugs, feel free to make a post about it!