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  • The 2.0 Update

    The overhaul known as MorrowLoot Ultimate has been overhauled. The Treasure Hunt has begun anew and there are widespread changes and improvements to every aspect of the mod. I've fixed a number of issues reported over the years, added some new features I've long wanted, and thoroughly remade the existing features. In short, it's still basically the same mod but should grant a fresh and improved experience. Thus, version 2.0 more fully fleshes out the design and purpose of MLU. Below is a breakdown of changes by subject followed by more miscellaneous notes.

    Encounter Zones (EZs)
    tl;dr: Now most exterior enemies will be deleveled, Min/Max numbers now have a range of at least +10, faction/main questlines now start at more manageable levels and scale up to endgame (slower lev...

  • The Anniversary Edition Patch

    Can I finally play Anniversary Edition stuff without feeling dirty?

    Yes. It's all in this note.

    The Anniversary Edition patch does for the AE plugins what any previous big MLU patch has done, plus more when necessary. It takes a heavier hand than I use usually do for a couple reasons:

    1. It's sorely needed, these quests and dungeons really spoil you with too little challenge
    2. Much less concern about compatibility with other mods

    There's a lot to document, but the tl;dr is that it reintegrates the new weapons and armor as appropriate for Morrowloot, changes item stats and crafting to fit in, delevels the enemies and dungeons, and sometimes makes the enemies much harder (Umbra or The Consequences, for example).

    First will...

  • Equipment stats documentation (outdated)

    (9/27/2022) THIS IS OUT OF DATE AS OF v2.0

    Here are the notes I made for myself of equipment stats for MLU on Pastebin. Use this as a reference anytime you want to modify another mod's weapons or armor to fit with MLU.

    Heavy Armor:
    Light Armors:

    Crafting recipes I don't have in a .txt file because a usable reference for such will require a picture guide. Let me know if you're interested in that and I'll try to get it up....

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Skyrim's too hard now
    An unleveled Skyrim is not easy for a new character. Why would those dungeons still be filled with monsters & treasure?? The levels are similar to the old PermaZONES here; I recommend you give that page a read because it covers a lot of the basics.
    My simple recommendation is that you play naturally: if you can't handle a dungeon, come back at a higher level.
    Note that MLU has static Encounter Zones, so they scale neither up nor down.
    Check out Character Creation Overhaul if you'd like better new characters

    Some enemies are still level-scaled
    It's possible to "perfect" the deleveling, but not worth it imo. There's not much left and the item lists still prevent Glass+ from showing up. Some level-scaling makes sense, such a...

  • Encounter Zone (Update)

    v1.4 Changelog
    Added a Key to a certain Dwemer tower. You'll have to work a little to get the goodies inside now...
    This feature will be included in the next MLU main mod update. v1.3.6+
    Further review and adjustments to many of the EZ settings in addition to previous 2 releases. 
    -Min-Max tuning. Some up, some down, some level spreads changed.
    Total zone settings changed: 60+

    v1.3.5 Changelog
    A number of zones MAX level cap, have been lifted and set to 0.
    -Both DLC01 and 02 (most of them).
    -All Giant Camps
    -A few Non-DLC zones as well.
    In addition, many of the zones that had their Max. cap lifted, have had their MIN. levels adjusted up, or down slightly.
    Total zone settings changed in v1.3.5: 42


  • Immersive Armors and MLU

    Immersive Armors and MLU - Patched!
    Immersive Armors adds many new and amazing armor sets to Skyrim. MLU delevels Skyrim. Before, these two butted heads over when and how you should discover powerful gear, but now they are one.

    Without Patch
    IA's armors are based on vanilla stats and MLU raises the base stats of the Glass+ Vanilla gear. IA also injects its armors into the leveled lists via script, meaning its armors will be found across Skyrim similarly to how they would be found in Vanilla. As such, Immersive Armors won't "cheat" you into obtaining the most powerful gear because none of it is as strong as Glass/Daedric/etc. Unfortunately, that means you miss out on the intended purpose of these armors and they'll never qualify as your "...