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This mod adds in the powerful Mjolnir hammer from ancient Norse mythology into Skyrim. The hammer is heavily influenced by the source (Norse mythology). Call the storm and ascend to new heights (literally) with this powerful hammer in your possession, if ye be worthy!

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Long ago, a rift opened in Tamriel and a mighty explosion cracked the sky. Out of this great tear between realities came a powerful hammer that punched a hole in a mountain in Skyrim. Warriors, treasure hunters, and countless others had attempted to lift the hammer but none could even budge the thing. One day, a powerful and learned warrior was able to lift the hammer and restore the power within. He felled many foes and few could dare challenge him. Eventually, the warrior disappeared, along with the hammer. Imperial scholars in the Fourth Era have reason to believe that the final resting place was where the hammer first struck: Bleak Falls Barrow. Such legends have been lost to time and few even know of the hammer's existence and even fewer still know any details of its whereabouts, but Bleak Falls Barrow seems as good a place as any to begin the search, particularly since its inner sanctum has a hole in the ceiling that some say the gods could gaze through.

The ancient but mighty Mjolnir when first picked up will not grant the Last Dragonborn its powers. It will be heavy and slow, but luckily the hammer was not the only thing to fall from the rift so long ago. Enchanted metal (which the Dragonborn can learn to craft with Tamrielic metals), in addition with the knowledge of lightning storms and the smithing knowledge of Daedric and arcane items, can be used to reawaken the power within Mjolnir. Mjolnir can call down lightning upon any foe struck with the hammer, send them flying with a powerful swing, grant one the power to ascend to the sky briefly once a day (you are still mortal after all and Mjolnir refuses to allow it more than once a day for your safety) and turn the undead in fear for it deals extra damage to the undead.

If you are stuck, just want the hammer, etc., then click on the SPOILER button below and all shall be revealed.


And that concludes the spoiler section! If you've read everything up to this point, thank you and I hope you got everything you needed from it. If not, feel free to ask any questions (and of course comment).
If you've downloaded this mod, thanks so much and I hope you enjoy it! You can find the MCU version of Mjolnir at and everything here applies there.

The only conflicts should be with mods that have items with the exact same ID's or that modify the game setting variable fJumpHeightMin.