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Prevents you from fully healing health/magicka/stamina when you level up. Requires SKSE.

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This simple mod removes the cheesy game mechanic where you fully heal all attributes when you level up.

In vanilla, you can save your level-ups to basically cheat your way out of dying in a tough fight. With this mod, you can't do that any more. Instead of fully healing your health/magicka/stamina, you'll still have the same h/m/s percentages as you had before leveling up.



This doesn't modify any vanilla forms. It should be compatible with everything.


Install with your favorite mod manager, or unzip the archive file into your Skyrim Special Edition folder. Enable the plugin “argvminusone_NoLevelUpHealing”.


This mod can't be uninstalled cleanly, because it runs a persistent script. Uninstalling isn't catastrophic, but it will leave some script data in your save.