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  • Skyrim Animation Load CTD: Understand the background of this unpleasant restriction. And how FNIS can help you.

    NOTE: This Article was written July 2019. It describes a situation (Load CTD whith more than a certain number of animations added by FNIS. This is caused by a bug in Skyrim.

    In the meantime there are several SKSE plugins available which circumvent this Skyrim bug. Which means that the problem can be easily circumvented by users of many acustom animations. But for explenatory reasons, and because new users will not know about the fix, FNIS will still warn when the original limit is passed. The SKSE plugins that increase the Skyrim animation limit are:
    Animation Limit Crash Fix SSE (Skyrim SE)
    SSE Engine Fixes (Skyrim SE)
    Animation Limit Crash Fix LE (Skyrim LE)

    Skyrim has a hard limit for custom character animations. For both LE and SE we can ins...